More than a Folding Van Ramp

Our folding van ramps have become some of our star products offering a huge range of quality features that have made them a must have in a variety of industries. Used by caterers, farmers, motorcycle transporters and much more, these are always up to the task. And just when you thought these ramps couldn’t get any better, we introduced our new and improved Heavy Duty Van Ramps in 2016, with new a design, handles, dimensions and coating.

Now in 2017, we’re proud to offer even more with our fold van ramps, including a new quick release and lock systems. Plus, if your ramp is out of warranty you might want to know about how we can help with spare parts.

New folding van ramp systems

Our all new quick release system is now available can be purchased exclusively with every standard anti-slip surface and mesh surface ramp. You can install this system directly into your van and, along with the sturdy grab handles on each side of the ramp, quickly and easily release when not needed. If you’re interested in ordering this system for your folding van ramp, you’ll need to order two along with your ramp purchase, one for each side of the ramp.

While the quick release system isn’t available with our Twisty Folding Van Ramps, we do have another new addition to suit this range. You can you get a second lock system when you purchase one of our twisty ramps, enabling you to lock the ramp in the twisted mode either inside or outside the vehicle for even more additional security.

The lock system for our Twisty Folding Van Ramps
Twisty lock system

Spare parts

If you have previously purchased a folding van ramp from us, you may also be interested in our spare parts service. We hold a range of parts in stock, such as gas struts, grab handles, side locking brackets and much more. If your Standard Folding Van Ramp or Twisty Folding Van Ramp is out of warranty and in need of a repair, you can enquire online or call one of our team to find the right spare part for you.

Plus, with many of these parts held in stock, there’s no need for a long wait. We can have a replacement sent out for fast delivery and for items not in stock you can still have your part delivered in 3-5 working days.

Getting the right part from us is quick and easy. We’ll simply ask you for the Ramp code, usually found on the side of the product, and find the best suitable part for your ramp. Alternatively, if you can’t find the code, you can always send us a picture for us to see the needed repair.

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