Car Ramps

Whatever car you are loading The Ramp People can supply the perfect car ramps for the job. Whether it is for steps or kerbs, to enter your garage or simply your parking spot in front of your house.

All of our aluminium car ramps are fully certified and tested to TUV and EU standards so as to comply with Health & Safety requirements. The aluminium ramps are all build for a 30% gradient so the minimum loading height would be 225mm but we can customise every ramp for your needs. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need information or have a special project that you need our assistance with.

For lower steps/kerbs we have a 100% recycled rubber kerb ramps available to go up heights between 65mm and 200mm.

Car Ramps Rubber Kerb Ramp

The Ramp People's Car Ramp Features Include:

Usage guidelines and safety information for our full vehicle ramp range can be found here.