Rubber Kerb Ramps Pairs

Our rubber kerb ramps are the UK's number 1 best-selling kerb ramp for sale online. Made from 100% recycled rubber these kerb ramps are extremely high quality and come at a fantastic price. These ramps are designed to increased mobility for any kind of kerb; they are durable, strong, non-slip and versatile and you can have them made to measure by simply measuring the height of your kerb and the select the correct product from the list below. read more

We supply the fixings suitable for both Tarmac and Concrete free of charge, so you can secure your rubber kerb ramps to any kerb for permanent use. The only ramp that cannot be fixed is the TRP5M as they are not built to be secured down.

Buy our rubber kerb ramps as a single ramp or in pairs to support vehicles with a maximum single axle weight of 5000kg you can use them individually or link as many as you like in line to form a longer, more permanent ramp. Just slide your ramps up to the kerb and start loading, we provide a lifetime guarantee to ensure you always get the best out of your purchase.