Speed Bumps

The Ramp People offer two different sizes of Speed Bump: a 50mm Speed Bump and a 75mm Speed Bump. We also offer a wide range of speed bump signs. Each is designed to reduce vehicle momentum to different speeds - all speed bumps are supplied with fixings for both concrete or tramac along with a drill bit for installation. We also offer a large range of signage to accompany our speed bumps:

speed bump installation guide

All property owners understand the risks of cars and trucks speeding through their premises. Our speed bumps ensure all measures are taken to reduce this risk. By using a 50mm high speed ramp you protect people and property, making sure traffic speed is reduced to less than 10 mph. The complete speed bump kit includes mid-sections, end-caps and fixings.All of our speed bumps and speed ramps are made from a 100% recycled solid rubber compound to guarantee longevity and durability. All ramps have an unlimited weight capacity and can support a 20,000kgs articulated lorry. All our speed bump mid-sections have reflectors fitted as standard.

The 75mm high speed bump is ideal for traffic calming in residential and low traffic areas. The Yellow and Black sections provide you with a highly visible speed bump to make sure traffic speed is reduced in areas where there is a lot of pedestrian traffic, areas with children at play and high volume traffic junctions. 

If you are unsure about which ramp to choose or have any questions regarding pricing or availability, please don't hesitate to contact our sales team for friendly and helpful advice.