New mobile ramps

New mobile ramps!

Last updated on October 18th, 2019 at 09:29 am

Many businesses and public buildings have to contend with limited space and subsequently struggle to provide suitable accessibility for wheelchair users. Because we believe that every building and workplace should be accessible we’ve now introduced all new mobile ramps to overcome these common issues.

Completely mobile wheelchair ramps

In public buildings and some businesses, wheelchair ramps need to be deployed quickly and conveniently for last minute use yet the length of ramp required often makes ramps impossible to store or manoeuvre in restricted spaces. They can also be heavy, making them impractical for one person to manage alone which could be the case in many situations.

Our new mobile ramps offer a comprehensive solution to these various problems. Designed to fold up simply down the middle, the ramp can be folded neatly into its own integrated trolley with wheels. These casters enable the ramp to be easily moved into place and back into storage. The lightweight fibreglass construction also means it can be operated by just one person.

Despite coming in a range of long ramp lengths these ramps are surprisingly compact when they fold up, perfect for small storage cupboards in schools, universities, churches, sports facilities and much more.

Mobile ramps for churches, schools and many other public buildings

Superior quality ramps

While their compact and mobile design makes them perfect for quick deployment and easy storage, these ramps are just as secure as many semi-permanent solutions. The simple rest on connection means they are ready to use straight away but the durable construction means this ramp can handle a 240kg capacity at a safe 1 in 8 gradient. The casters on the ramp are all braked to ensure complete stability while the ramp is in use and the non-slip surface provides additional safety to wheelchair users.

The perfect ramp solution

The real reason these mobile ramps are the perfect solution is complete customisation. While the ramps come in a wide range of lengths from 9ft to 17ft, we can also produce the ramps in additional customised lengths to suit your needs.

The anti-slip surface comes in black as a standard but is also available in other colours to suit your brand or company colours. You can also choose to have a single handrail for additional support and safety.

You can get mobile ramps with handrails as well as in a range of colours

Want to know more? Contact us today to find out about the full range of options available with our mobile ramps or place your order online.

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