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Adjustable Platform – Ramp Solutions For Limited Spaces

Often we find customers struggle to find a solution when they have steps that require, for example a 10ft ramp but they simply do not have 10ft of space from the door outwards for a ramp.

When working out which ramp you require the first thing to do is check the total vertical height of the steps, this identifies the required ramp length. Our handy Wheelchair Ramp Calculator can easily identify the ramp length required. Simply enter the height of the steps and whether you are using a manual or electric wheelchair. For example, for a 10inch height a 7ft ramp is recommended for electric wheelchairs and scooters. 

You then need to double check you have space available from the door outwards for the required ramp length. In some instances we understand there is simply not space, for example you may have a wall outside the front door.

If you do not have enough space for one long ramp, you may wish to consider the Adjustable Platform. The platform allows wheelchair users to go from the door way down a ramp then onto the platform. The user can then take a left or right turn before going down a second ramp and reaching ground level.

The platform is adjustable to heights up to 450mm. For example, if you require a 7ft ramp in total, you could have a 2ft ramp from the door to the platform and then a 5ft ramp from the platform to ground level to create 7ft overall.

For help working out which ramps you should purchase, and what height to set your platform at, simply contact our team who will be happy to assist. 

The platform is designed as portable and is therefore provided unassembled. Carry handles allow you to easily transport the platform. The adjustable legs makes it easy for you to set the platform to your required height. 

You can use the adjustable platform with any of our folding ramps, including our economy and premium ranges. Simply rest the wheelchair ramps onto the platform and start loading. 

The platform is suitable for manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, scooters and walkers. The platform includes safety edges on two sides to protect the user. 

As the product is designed for wheelchairs, you can purchase this VAT exempt by providing the details or the person with the disability or a charity name and number.

Any questions? Contact our team on 01372 478 960 or email hello@Theramppeople.co.uk. You can provide our team with your measurements & images for help in finding the right ramp solution for you. 

Learn more about the Adjustable Platform or order online. 

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