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Last updated on November 5th, 2019 at 04:36 pm


The Ramp People are proud members of the BHTA and full subscribe to the BHTA Code of practice.  BHTA members have agreed: -to protect pre-payments or deposits paid by consumers in the event that a BHTA member is unable to meet a promise to deliver goods or services, -not to use high-pressure selling techniques, and encourage a carer or advisor to be present during home visits, -where cancellation rights apply or are offered, to issue a ‘cancellation card’ with all contracts, making it easier for customers to cancel within the cooling off period, and -to ensure that consumers have access to a free independent redress scheme if things go wrong. The Ramp People is proud member of this scheme and the BHTA code of practice can be found here; our membership entry can be seen here.

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