Crowd safety sorted this festival season

Crowd safety sorted this festival season

Last updated on November 12th, 2019 at 10:19 am

Anyone involved in or in charge of managing an event knows that safety is essential when making any plans. With staging, electrics, cables and other hazardous materials, festivals and outdoor events all come with potential danger if safety regulations aren’t strictly met. As festival season approaches you may be looking at how best to keep your event safe for everyone.

Fortunately, we stock a range of products to help with crowd and facility management, including barriers and cable protectors. A high-quality finish and affordable prices make these products ideal for any festival or outdoor event. Where health and safety is a priority our products offer quality you can depend on. Our cable protectors, in particular, are often an integral part of ensuring safety at events by shielding expensive cables and wires as well as protecting the public from hazardous electrics.

Lightweight rubber cable protectors

When it comes to stage management our smaller rubber cable protectors are ideal. Wires and cords from stage equipment are tidied and concealed, preventing trips and accidents backstage and protecting expensive and essential equipment from potential damage. Their sleek and lightweight design is perfect for hiding wires while optional yellow safety strips ensure high visibility even in dark stage areas. With smooth sloping edges these cable protectors offer seamless floor blending to accommodate both foot traffic and wheeled equipment, plus they can be cut to length as desired to suit any space.

The Ramp People rubber cable protector

Heavy duty cable protectors

All our heavy-duty cable protectors offer unparalleled cable safety at large events and in industrial uses, but our Checkers Industrial lines provide unbeatable versatility and quality. These cable cover systems offer a secure and easy to set up interlocking modular design and come in a range of parts. This includes corner sections and 4-way cross sections, capable of holding cables up to 2.25 inches diameter for complete versatility that is suited to any industrial or event space. Whether it’s for an amusement park, entrainment venue or sports arena, you can create a cable management system across large distances and around awkward corners to suit any floor plan.

These heavy-duty wire protectors also take safety as a top priority with hinged covers that allow easy setup of cables and a robust and durable construction. Combined with specially designed wheelchair ramp sections they are uniquely designed for safe pedestrian and wheeled access. A sturdy build also makes these cable protectors suitable for heavy vehicles, trucks and forklifts with a choice of bright colours in either black and orange or yellow and black for high visibility.

protection cable, cable cover

Barrier fences

While our barrier fences are popularly used in construction and road works, they also make additions to many outdoor events as part of crowd management and control. Our basic fence barriers are a quick and inexpensive solution to blocking off hazardous areas or helping to guide crowd flow around in events areas of low foot traffic.

For a tougher crowd management solution, our pyramid barriers and bison barriers offer more stability with a water filled design. Both barrier designs use a simple interlocking system that can be positioned in a gentle curve or at a 90-degree angle to box in hazardous areas or manage crowd flow around awkward or tight spaces. The design of our pyramid barriers is especially useful with a unique construction that makes them easy to stack and transport.

While our pyramid and bison barriers come in red and white as standard, they can also be manufactured in other colours of your choice. Keep your event on brand with barrier fences in corporate or brand colours, or even offer sponsors the opportunity to have their own colours. Enquire about our bulk prices for an affordable addition to your events crowd management plan.

The Ramp People barriers

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