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Disabled access for your business

Last updated on March 29th, 2019 at 02:25 pm

Under the Equalities Act 2010, all businesses that provide ‘goods and services’ – including public facilities and shops – must make reasonable adjustments and reasonable access for disabled people, such as offering extra help or making changes to the way they provide their services.

What is ‘reasonable’ depends on a range of factors, including the size and type of your business. For example, the CEO of a large chain of cinemas will be expected to do more to comply than a small, independent business.

Make sure your business is adhering to the legislation with these tips from 

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  • Take advice from a specialist consultant who can audit your building, or talk to our customer support team about any queries and we can recommend anything you need whilst drawing up recommendations and plans for improvement. 
  • If you want to hear back from customers, talk to them to discuss the improvements that would benefit them or how they feel access could be improved. 

Physical changes

  • Where necessary, install lifts, handrails and ramps. Be sure to widen your walkways to improve access for people with wheelchairs, pushchairs or other mobility restrictions.
  • Add colour contrasts on steps or clear signage for people with sight impairments.
  • Ensure there are appropriate facilities or walkways available for people with guide dogs or hearing dogs.
  • Check that you don’t need to add braille to any signs around the building.


  • Have induction loops or infrared systems installed into the building to increase audibility for people with hearing aids.
  • Ensure special equipment such as headphones and induction loops are working properly.


  • Make information about access and help easily available through your website and brochures.
  • If needed, promote your services through existing networks for disabled people.

Customer Service 

  • Make sure your staff know what facilities are available for customers with disabilities and how to help customers use them.
  • Ensure that all your staff can communicate effectively all the services you can offer.

Talk to us today about giving your customers the right access to your business, if you are unsure about any aspect of the property and how to improve it we are happy to help where we can.

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