Dog Ramp for Columbo

Dog Ramp for Columbo



The Ramp People love Feedback from our customers on how they use their ramps, especially the ones on four paws. Seeing our rubber threshold ramps used as a dog ramp therefore is a real delight. 

This is Columbo. He is a respectable 12,5 year old Basset Hound and a true gentledog. 

Sadly, in his age the agility is not as good anymore as it used to be. Up until shortly before Christmas he was very lively and able to jump by himself over the thresholds to access outdoors and other rooms. But that became more and more difficult. 

So, his mistress was searching for a solution and found a ramp, our rubber threshold ramps, which looked promising. Since Columbo used the new acquisition he has gained back his access to every room and to the outdoors. 

dog ramp rubber

“It was clear to us that we needed to get him some help, we started looking for ramps. Your product has been robust, meets the threshold perfectly and is heavy so it doesn’t move when he walks up or down the ramp making it super easy for him to get outside when he wants to. “

We are really happy that we could be of service. 

The Ramp People are not only thriving to help all men and women with their access needs, but also to improve life for everyone; Including or especially for our beloved pets. 

Not only our rubber threshold ramps, but also our pet ramp and the dog ramp for car are helpful in this matter. They can be seen here:

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your enquiry, we are sure that we can help with our requirements. 



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