Lightweight Aluminium Ramp User Guide Now Online


The Ramp People’s operating guide for lightweight aluminium loading ramps is now available online here. Using these ramps according to our production facility’s instructions will ensure that health and safety requirements are met, and will help to prevent damage to your ramps. Remember – if you use your ramp in an inappropriate manner, your warranty may be invalidated! Call our friendly sales team for more information if you are unsure of whether you have the right ramp for your needs.

These lightweight, non-folding loading ramps are perfect for use in the home and garden. With a maximum capacity of 1000kgs, they are suitable for loading tractors, ride-on lawnmowers and other wheeled machinery that weighs under this capacity. The high-traction cheese grater surface ensures that the tyres of your machinery will grip the ramp surface really well, and they feature an angled foot to allow for smooth access onto the ramps.

For more information, please contact our friendly sales team!

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