Digger Ramps

Loading Tracked Machinery

Whether your a JCB, Hitachi or John Deere fan, you will understand the importance of safely loading your machinery into vehicles and up heights. Our Aluminium Loading Ramps are the perfect solution. Due to the value of the machinery being loaded, and to ensure the safety of the driver and those around, it is essential you purchase the correct ramps for your load height and the capacity you plan to load.

What Loading Ramps Do The Ramp People Offer?

Here at The Ramp People we offer an extensive range of loading ramps, suitable for load heights up to 1650mm. Our pairs of loading ramps are available in lengths up to 5.5m. We have solutions for all types of machinery, whether you are loading a mini digger with capacity of 1 tonne or you are loading machines with capacities of 20,000kg.

The Ramp People’s Aluminium Loading Ramps are sold as a pair. They are TUV certified and produced in Europe. The ramps are fully customisable, for example they can be provided with/without edges, the foot end can be cut for alternative heights and alternative connections are available. If you would like a custom quote, please contact our team.

Our Vehicle & Plant Ramps are provided with various surfaces. For example, our Sabretooth Ramps are provided with holes to allow dirt to drop through, providing optimal grip. Our Car Loading Ramps have a textured grip surface and are perfect for loading vehicles with low clearance. For Steel Tracked Machinery, we offer ramps with Rubber Coating and ramps with a Milled Surface.

Sabretooth Ramps – Professional Loading Ramps

We do also offer Industrial Ramps designed for loading machinery with steel tracks, perfect for industrial and commercial use.

What To Check Before You Buy

When buying a pair of loading ramps, it is essential you check your load height, from the ground to where the ramp will rest, as this identifies the required ramp length. In line with EU recommendations, the maximum loading gradient is 1:33.

The foot of our loading ramps are cut for specific load heights, if you buy a ramp for the incorrect height it will not rest securely during loading. We understand some machinery requires a smoother gradient, we can custom cut ramps for your load height if you require a smoother gradient.

You also need to check the maximum weight you plan to load – you must consider the weight of the machinery, driver, petrol and any load the machinery will be carrying.

Aluminium Loading Ramps With A Rest On Connection

Please do also check your wheelbase, as wheelbase reduces the capacity the ramp can hold often also reduces.

You also need to consider where the ramp will rest onto, for example what vehicle you will be loading onto as this affects the connection type required.

If you are loading steel tracks, you will need to view our Industrial Ramps which have a surface which is suitable for steel tracks. Our standard aluminium loading ramps are only suitable for rubber tracked vehicles.

Ramps with Rubber Coating for Steel Tracked Machinery

Connection Types

Here at The Ramp People we offer 4 different connection options as we understand all vehicles are not the same. The standard, most popular connection is the rest on connection. This connection simply curves and rests on to the back of the vehicle. There is pre-drilled hole to allow you to place a pin through the ramp to hold it onto the vehicle for extra security. Rest on connections are perfect for Flat-bed vehicles and Tipper Trucks. Alternative connections include the hook connection (for beaver tail trailers), tube and bottom hook (step frame trailers).

Loading Ramp Connection Options

Require Heavy Duty Ramps?

The Ramp People provide a range of Heavy Duty Vehicle Ramps with capacities up to 20,000kg for rubber tracked machinery. These are excellent value for money, TUV certified and customisable.

Easily Load Machinery Into Vehicles

Require A Ramp Urgently?

We have a wide range loading ramps in stock for immediate dispatch on a next working day service. Many (but not all) of our in stock ramps can be found here. If these do not meet your requirements, please do contact our team who will be happy to check which ramps we have in stock that meet your requirements.

Any Questions?

Call our team on 01372 478 960 or email hello@theramppeople.co.uk, we will be happy to advise as to the most suitable ramp for your requirements.

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