Modular Ramp System

Longer Modular Ramp System Kits

ramp-modularTo improve our range of modular ramp kits we are now offering longer kit options with two different widths, 1100mm and 1500mm, the lengths will be from 1360mm ramps length up to 10400mm. Every kit includes a platform, ramp section with a lead in ramp and a connection plate to door/step, we can supply a quotation for every kit depending on the Modular ramp system requirement.

Our narrower system is ideal for adapting private addresses to become easily wheelchair accessible. Similar systems can be supplied for schools, doctor’s surgeries and care homes. These systems are essentially separate free-standing structures so don’t require any modification or building work and can be dismantled and re-used elsewhere.

Our wider systems are ideal for providing access to public and commercial buildings. As the systems can support 200kg but it can go up to 400kg per square meter upon request with the addition of adjusted legs, they don’t have to be used for wheelchair access alone and so can be used as a loading/unloading solutions as well as general and disabled access. These systems are fully modular and can be used to provide temporary or permanent access to portacabins, marquees, shops, hospitals, stages, theaters, offices.

The system has double horizontal handrails and every component on this system is galvanized.  This system is not fully complying to Part M of building regulations as this is a portable solution/ Semi-permanent to be used as a Temporary ramp access – it does not need to fully comply to Part M building regulations.

Lead time once order is placed with production is about 2-3 weeks to be delivered.

If you require your Modular ramp system to be compliant please get in contact as this can be provided upon request.

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