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Mind the threshold: threshold ramp for tricky doors

Last updated on October 18th, 2019 at 11:25 am

Picking the right threshold ramp for your home or business can be difficult. We recently had a call from a customer, needing a threshold ramp for his home but was unable to give specific requirements. After our friendly sales team spent time discussing his situation, we ascertained there was a step outside his house which required a ramp; there was an internal drop once inside the house connected to UPCV threshold that could not be damaged.

We were able to assure him that with our experience, these UPCV thresholds are very strong but nevertheless we would find the right solution for him.

We fitted the below wheelchair ramp to his threshold – this was a 7ft folding wheelchair ramp, and a 3 inch rubber threshold ramp.

The rubber ramp sits inside the door, slightly proud of the threshold and the folding aluminium ramp runs from the top of the rubber threshold ramp, carries the set and lands on the drive; allowing his mother to visit without the worry of wheelchair access into and around the house.

The rubber threshold ramp used was a 3RT (3 inch high) which is priced at £60 + VAT, and the 7 ft folding aluminium ramp is from our economy ‘607’ range, and cost £109 + VAT, meaning this entire portable solution costs just £169 + VAT including delivery.

Take a look at the fabulous results below:



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