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Last updated on November 12th, 2019 at 10:33 am

You can now find all the relevant ramps to suit your car loading needs on our comprehensive Car Ramps page. From basic rubber kerb ramps to more industrial vehicle ramps for higher load heights and heavier cars. With all our relevant car ramps available in one place it’s now easier than ever to find the right car ramp with The Ramp People.

The right car ramp for you

All our car ramps are now featured on our Car Ramps page so you can better find the car ramp to suit your needs. On our dedicated page, you’ll find our Kerb Ramps, TRP40 Series Car Ramps and Vehicle Ramps. With various loading heights and capacities, each of our car ramp ranges is designed to meet your specific car loading and parking needs.

Aluminium TRP40 Series Car Ramps

There are many reasons why you may need a car ramp, particularly if you have lowered car such as a sports vehicle. Cars that are low to the ground may be unable to park or enter driveways with a steep incline or small kerb without damaging the car.

For many of these obstacles, you may find our Aluminium Car Ramps are the right fit for you. With load heights up to 600mm and a range of widths up to 615mm these ramps are designed to suit a range of different cars and tires and are perfect low profile car ramps. With four different connection options available, including our easy to fit rest on connection, these ramps are a versatile and safe option for loading your lowered car.

Car ramps can be used for steep inclines and steps

Rubber Kerb Ramps

Even for cars that aren’t low to the ground, repeatedly driving up kerbs to park can be damaging to tires. If your driveway access doesn’t have a dropped kerb, you may experience some long-term problems with damaged tires which can be dangerous and costly to fix. Our rubber kerb ramps are therefore ideal for relieving pressure on your tires and keeping your car safe.

Our Kerb Ramps offer unbeatable value for money and are both strong and long wearing, making them perfect for longer term parking in your driveway. A special textured non-slip surface ensures safety and stability for your car in all weathers and can support cars with a load capacity up to 15000kg. As your parking needs may extend for a long period of time, these rubber car ramps can become a permanent fixture with fixings for both tarmac and concrete included in our affordable prices.

The Ramp People rubber kerb ramp

Vehicle Ramps

For more specialised uses, you may also find our car ramps suitable for showroom display and transportation. For garages or showrooms with a small ledge, it may be necessary to install some ramps to load your car. We have also had customers use our more heavy duty vehicle ramps for car loading and transportation. You can read about how our car ramps were used in the East African Safari Rally to transport a car in a specially equipped shipping container.

If you think your requirements may demand a more advanced car ramp to our TRP40 series, explore the rest of our Vehicle Ramps. With even more load heights and capacities, these ramps provide even more versatility. From cars to lightweight machinery, these ramps can load a variety of different vehicles. Their lightweight aluminium construction makes them easy to handle and transport, ideal for logistics and transportation of your car. You’ll also find these car ramps fully certified and tested to TUV and EU standards to ensure that they comply with Health & Safety requirements.

The Ramp People car ramps

If you’re still unsure about what the right car ramp is for you, head over to our Car Ramps page and explore our ranges or contact one of our friendly sales team today.

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