Checkers Hose Bridge Diamondback

New Checkers Diamondback Hose Bridge System

Last updated on October 18th, 2019 at 11:12 am

New! Checkers Diamondback Hose Bridge System @ The Ramp People

In previous blogs, we have reported the new cooperation between Checkers Industrial and The Ramp People.

We can finally announce the arrival of the Checkers Diamondback Hose Bridge Systems.

Checkers Diamondback Hose Bridge Systems provide protection for valuable cable and hose lines while ensuring a safer method of passage for vehicles and pedestrians. They feature protection for hoses up to 6.5” inches outside diameter or 16.50cm.

Made out of high-density, all weather polyurethane construction protects from damage by physical pressure and reduces cable and hose maintenance and replacement costs.

The lightweight modular design of interlocking 16inch wide sections provides multi-length flexibility. Checkers Diamondback Hose Bridge Systems are intended for temporary installations only.

Polyurethane construction is abrasion, impact and weather resistant with high load-bearing capacity up to 10,750kg.

The surface features Diamond-plate tread for higher traction. Checkers Diamondback Hose Bridge Systems is manufactured in high-visibility yellow and can be customised to any number of tunnels or length. You can order with us bundles or the single components to build your area. Usually available within 3-4 working days.

Built-in hand holes allow for handling with ease and double as attachment points for mounting brackets, no tools required for installation and can be set up by one person only.

If you need help to build or order the system and the parts you require, please check our website or enquire with our technical sales advisors.

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