Pallet Truck Container Ramp

New Container ramp for Pallet Trucks

Last updated on October 18th, 2019 at 11:09 am

With our long-term partner for loading ramps and truck ramps we have created a new extra low in gradient and extra strong one piece of container ramp specifically build for loading and unloading pallet trucks in containers and over low kerbs.

Usually a standard container is only up to 175mm high from the ground to the floor inside the container. This low vertical height makes it quite difficult to build container ramps that are long enough to use them with a pallet truck.

The ramp for a pallet truck should be at least as long as the pallet truck itself otherwise the ramp will not work and the pallet truck will get stuck to the ground. The wheelbase for a standard pallet truck is 1200mm.

As all our ramps are usually build for a safety gradient from 30% the length for this height would be only 575mm, which is not long enough to load a pallet truck up on to or into someplace.

That is why the shortest of our new container ramp is 1800mm, but we have two more standard lengths available, to allow a smooth gradient and easy access with the pallet truck.

Another advantage of the new ramps is that we have covered quite a few This ramp is fully in foot end cut for a certain height, lengths and width customisable.

The width of 1000mm is covering half of a container and has no edges for easier handling the pallet truck with pallets on top of the ramp.

This range feature capacities from 1000kg or extra strong for up to 2000kg.

Please contact us for more information regarding this new container ramp.

Check out the new video.

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