New: Economy Wheel Stops

Wheel stops, or parking blocks, can be used in both domestic and commercial parking areas to help keep cars and pedestrian’s safe in this potentially hazardous area. We understand that safety is often a top priority; that’s why we offer a wide selection of wheel stops to suit a range of environments. Still, we’re always working to improve our products and are pleased to introduce our new Economy Wheel Stop for when affordability is also a top priority.

Why use wheel stops

If you manage a commercial parking environment or are concerned about your own domestic parking area, wheel stops could help to alleviated some of the potential hazards. Usually placed at the end of parking spaces, these parking blocks help to guide drivers and control parking to solve a variety of potential problems.

If a walkway and kerb runs next to a row of parking spaces you may find that encroachment of the car onto the pavement can be an obstacle for pedestrians. Not only does this present a tip hazard but it can result in pedestrians needing to walk on the road where there is a greater risk of accidents happening.

Alternatively, you may have two rows of parking spaces opposite each other. In this situation, inattentive drivers or weak handbrakes could cause one car to collide into the other. A wheel stop can help separate the parking spaces and prevent further accidents and potential damages. In the same way if your parking spaces face a barrier or high kerb a wheel stop can prevent damage to both the car and property.

Our new Economy Wheel Stop features reflective mouldings to help avoid trip hazards for added pedestrian safety.

The new Economy Wheel Stop

Our latest wheel stop product comes in smaller 550mm long size, perfect for fitting smaller spaces while being versatile enough to fit larger spaces by using multiple wheel stop segments together. The high-density rubber and corrosion free construction is highly resistant and durable, perfect for long term use in poor weather and sustaining minor damage. For additional safety, this wheel stop features moulded in reflectors and eye-catching black and yellow colouring, essential for ensuring pedestrian safety by minimising trip hazards.

If you think parking blocks could help make your parking area more safe and secure but are concerned about fitting them then our Economy Wheel Stops make the ideal solution. They are easy to fit and come with all the fixings required along with an SDS drill bit for both concrete and tarmac environments. Plus, all these fixings come completely free of charge with each order, making these already affordable wheel stops even better value for money.

Why not take a look at the rest of our wheel stop range and find the perfect the parking block for your needs?

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