New Extra Wide Economy Wheelchair Ramp

While we stock a wide range of wheelchair ramps suitable for a huge variety of situations we continue to work to improve all our ramps. That’s why we’re now offering a new Extra Wide Economy Wheelchair Ramp with a usable width of 835mm. The additional space offered by this new wheelchair ramp has two key benefits along with the other great features seen in all our economy wheelchair ramps.

More versatility

With valuable additional space, the new Extra Wide Economy Wheelchair Ramp can accommodate a wider range of wheelchairs. With all our standard economy wheelchair ramps suitable for manual and electric wheelchairs as well as mobility scooters you’ll find our new extra wide model more than capable of providing access in almost any situation. These wheelchair ramps are especially suited to commercial properties with wide entry ways and ensure access for any member of the public.

Just like our other economy wheelchair ramps the latest model is lightweight and foldable with weights starting from just 5.5kg. Simply fold the ramp horizontally for easy transportation and storage at any time, and then install immediately with our simple rest on connection, no set up required. This is perfect for quickly setting up temporary wheelchair access with minimal disruption. Plus, with a selection of heights ranging from just 2ft to 6ft this wheelchair ramp can provide access over kerbs or steps up to 300mm.


Added safety

While the safety edges on the sides of all our economy wheelchair ramps provide additional support and help prevent wheels accident slipping off, the larger width of our newer model improves safety further. As well as accommodating a wider range of wheelchairs, the new wider size provides additional safety making it easier for wheelchair users with less chance of wheeling off the sides.

Additionally, you’ll find the latest model is just as strong and durable as the rest of our economy wheelchair ramps thanks to a sturdy construction and high-quality finish. This ensures all our wheelchair ramps are compliant with health and safety guidelines, making them suitable for commercial use as well as domestic. Unsurprisingly our economy wheelchair ramps have been used extensively in the NHS, and we even offer a 1 year guarantee.

If you think our new extra wide model still isn’t the right fit for you, why not contact one of our team today to discuss how we could customise a solution for you.

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