Heavy Duty Truck Ramps

New Heavy Duty Truck Ramps up to 2000Kg Capacity

Last updated on October 18th, 2019 at 09:44 am

We at The Ramp People are always looking to take feedback from our customers and turn it into new ideas or simple upgrades to existing products.

Such is the case with our new Heavy Duty Truck Ramp with a capacity of up to 2000kg.

Following many enquiries for a ramp that can be used to load heavy floor cleaning machines or flight cases loaded with heavy sound studio equipment or equipment for concert stages, we were faced with the issue that our existing ramps with a capacity of up to 1000kg simply was not up to every task imaginable.

Therefore, we went back to the drawing board and together with our manufacturing partner based in Italy, we have come up with bigger and stronger solution that can take even the heaviest loads that will go into a small lorry or large transport van:

The New Heavy Duty Truck Ramp with a capacity of up to 2000kg and 1000mm width is comparable to our existing heavy duty truck ramps with 1000kg capacity. The obvious difference is the increased capacity, which has been achieved by reinforcing the ramps even further. Despite the large capacity, the new Heavy Duty Truck Ramps are made from Aluminium and thus retain their relatively low weight, starting at just 37kg.

The New Heavy Duty Truck Ramp 1000mm wide x 2000kg capacity is available in nine different standard lengths, starting from 1800mm, up to 5000mm and can cover load heights of up to 1.5m or 5ft.

As is standard with all of our heavy duty truck and van ramps, the New Heavy Duty Truck Ramp with 2000kg capacity requires no installation and has instead been designed to spread the weight of the load in such a way as to ensure that the ramp sits firmly in place during loading and does not slip. The ramp is useable with most large transport vehicles and small lorries. The raised safety edges prevent any accidental wheeling off of any heavy loads.

Since the New Heavy Duty Truck Ramp 1000mm wide x 2000kg capacity has been designed specifically for the use with large transport vehicles like Sprinter or Transit vans and small lorries, the top of the ramp is sloped to avoid any overhanging bumpers, steps or trailer hitches. This also ensures that loads with a lower ground clearance can be easily pushed on and off the ramp.

As with most of our loading and vehicle ramps, it is possible to manufacture these New Heavy Duty Truck Ramps 1000mm wide x 2000kg capacity to customer specifications. Please contact our friendly sales team with any queries you may have!

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