New product ideas?

We stock ramps designed for all kinds of situations, from basic access ramps to customised car ramps. As ramp specialists, we like to think we’ve seen it all, but sometimes even we’re surprised by all the ways a ramp can solve a problem or make life easier. We think some of these creative ideas are so good they could even make a great addition to our products.

Duck ramps

It’s not just humans that find ramps useful; sometimes animals and wildlife could use some help too. The Capitol Reflecting Pool in Washington D.C. is a beautiful spot for both humans and ducks alike but unfortunately wasn’t designed with ducklings in mind. The broad rounded coping of the pool was an obstacle for many of the smaller ducklings, who struggled to climb out or return to the water on the steep and sloping side. The solution?

Custom made duck ramps means ponds can stay safe for children while ducklings can easily get in and out of the water across the barrier.

A custom-built duck ramp! Using a ramp for the pavement side and another to go into the water as well as a platform to connect the two provided a quick and easy answer to the duckling’s access problem. Not only is this smart ramp a great solution for ducks and other water-bound feather friends, it also allows the pool to keep the barrier that helps protect children and people from an unfortunate accident. It’s not surprising that this great idea has been used in access-problem ponds all over.

Frog ramps

Ducks aren’t the only amphibious creature that might need a helping hand. These handy frog ramps are designed to rescue frogs from potentially dangerous situations. This includes cattle grids and drain gulleys, and any potential traps around ponds. With a simple grid like design to provide grip and footholds, along with a simple securing hook at one end, this unique ramp idea is perfect for wildlife lovers on the lookout for potential frog hazards.

A long ramp with a grid for frogs to grip and climb out of hazards and traps such as cattle grids and drains.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a pool you might also have noticed that they can be particularly dangerous for frogs. While these cute creatures have no problem finding their way in, it can provide too difficult to get out. Unfortunately, while a pool might be fun for humans, they have been known to cause more than a few amphibian casualties. As an ideal solution, this basic platform and ramp offers an escape route for any frogs that find themselves in a sticky situation. A weighted end keeps this platform in place and is a fantastic way to keep these animals safe.

A simple yet effective platform and ramp for swimming pools that offers a convenient escape route for frogs and prevents frog casualties.

Dog ramps

As man’s best friend it’s no surprise that plenty of people have been getting creative with ramps that ensure their pooch gets convenient access all around the house. Whether it’s a simple and small ramp to help them find their spot on their sofa, or a grander wraparound design leading up to the bed, there is no limit to the possibilities. If you have a slightly older canine and any small steps, such as at your front door, you might also consider improvising your own pet ramp to give tired dogs a little extra help.

People everywhere have been getting creative with ramps to give their dogs access all over the house with custom built dog ramps.

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