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Last updated on November 8th, 2019 at 09:38 am

Finding the right ramp is an important but sometimes challenging task. Where safety is paramount it’s imperative to find the correct ramp for your needs, however, the search can quickly become confused with such a wide range of lengths and specifications to choose from. That’s why at The Ramp People we work to provide the safest and most complete ramp solutions with many of our ramps offering a variety of features to suit an entire range of uses. We also continue to change and adapt our products based on your feedback to make each ramp even better.

While our ramps continue to evolve to meet an even wider range of needs, each one still offers unique features. To take the confusion out of finding your perfect ramp, we always provide all the information you need on the product page along with up to date videos to show our ramps in action. We’ve recently updated the videos for some of our best-selling products to show off their newest features.

Our folding wheelchair ramps offer various features including easy portability, set up and storage.

The Ramp People new product videos for wheelchair ramps

Folding Wheelchair Ramps

Our Folding Wheelchair Ramps and Extra Wide Folding Wheelchair Ramps now feature videos showing off the new long flat hinge. Running down the entire length of the ramp, the new flat hinge is an improvement on the previously obstructive bolt-like hinges. The video shows how the latest update means no more obstruction down the centre of the ramp, making it perfect for foot traffic and walking frames as well as electric and manual wheelchairs.

Multifold Wheelchair Ramp

Our Multifold Wheelchair Ramps fold in half across the length and width for easy portability and storage and have recently been updated to split down the middle for lengths 6ft and up. Pins are easily removed from the hinges to allow the ramp to split into two length sections. Our latest video shows how this new system makes it much easier to set up the ramp and use. The hinges are quick and simple to re-join and are secured safely when in use.

Premium Wheelchair Ramps

Both our Premium Non-Folding Wheelchair Ramps and our Premium Length Folding Wheelchair Ramps videos now feature the new blue coloured anti-slip surface. All our anti-slip ramp surfaces ensure access safety for wheelchairs, and the new blue colouring now provides additional security. The new surface in addition to the contrasting coloured edges ensures high visibility to avoid accidents.

Our premium wheelchair ramps offer safe wheelchair access up small steps while our durable rubber threshold ramps can be combined using different heights for wheelchair access over any threshold.

Rubber Threshold Ramps

Our Rubber Threshold Ramps are a simple yet effective solution for wheelchair access of thresholds. With a wide choice of 9 different heights up to 70mm, these ramps can provide access across any threshold, even those with tricky ledges and varying heights. Our new video shows how versatile these durable ramps can be, with three different heights used together on a single threshold to provide the perfect access solution.

You can find all our product videos on our product pages along with everything you need to know about our ramps. Of course, if you’re still unsure about any of our ramp features or have a more unusual access problem you can always contact one of our friendly sales team. We’re always happy to discuss your needs to find the perfect ramp solution.

Have any feedback on any of our ramps or the latest updates? We’d love to hear from you too!

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