New TuffTrak ground protection

New TuffTrak ground protection mats

Last updated on October 18th, 2019 at 09:31 am

There are many ground conditions that make working or even simply walking difficult and even dangerous. Heavy foot traffic at events can quickly churn up grassy land, especially when wet and muddy, and heavy vehicles can struggle through many ground conditions. Even where the area is tarmac or concrete and poses little danger, industrial machinery can easily become the problem and crack or damage the ground. In all these situations, our new range of TuffTrak ground protection mats has been designed to withstand extreme conditions, poor ground areas and busy work environments.

What are ground protection mats

Contradictory to their name, ground protection mats are about more than just protecting the ground. In fact, they’re used in a wide range of applications. From construction to events, ground protection mats are used as temporary road or walkways as well as working platforms in areas where the ground may be unstable, uneven or more vulnerable to damage. As well as being inconvenient, these types of areas can often be dangerous to both people and vehicles. Even seemingly stable land can become muddy, swampy and treacherous in harsh weather conditions.

TuffTrak mats make for safer and more efficient work in construction applications

For construction

In construction and industrial applications, ground protection mats are ideal for ensuring work can be carried out safely and efficiently, and that workers are more protected. They can be used to create temporary roadways for heavy machinery and vehicles to access remote areas, as well as large working platforms for fieldwork. Whether the work area is in an unstable ground environment or weather could affect a project, ground protection mats can help reduce delays, improve safety and ultimately save on costs.

For events and landscaping

From events to stadiums, golf courses and landscaping, ground protection mats are also perfect for preserving and protecting land that is used for agriculture, as a heritage site or has a sensitive ecosystem. In all these applications mats can be used in areas that may see damage to the landscape to create temporary access roads, pedestrian walkways and parking areas.

TuffTrak mats can also be used for events and landscaping to protect the ground itself

Our new TuffTrak range

We offer a comprehensive selection of the TuffTrak product range designed to address the ground issues typically experienced in various construction and event applications.

Medium duty ground protection

Ideal for traffic and pedestrian use in construction, events, landscaping and for temporary access.

Heavy duty ground protection

Suitable for use in the most extreme conditions in construction ideal for safe walkways, roadways and working platforms.

The TuffTrak GeoGrid cellular paving system

Cellular paving systems

The GeoGrid paving system for ground reinforcement and stabilisation is ideal for integration into a sustainable urban drainage system (SUDS).

Outrigger crane pads

Square or round outrigger pads that come in standard sizes or can be custom designed including bespoke company colours, logo and name engraving.

TuffTrak outrigger crane pads can be customised

What to expect from TuffTrak products

All the products in the TuffTrak range have been designed and built to the specifications of the people that experience tough ground conditions and problems every day. From quality to variety, these ground protection products really do have it all.

Superior quality

All the mats are built for extreme durability with high-quality polyethylene that is lightweight but, unlike wood, won’t crack or rot with time. TuffTrak employs rigorous testing procedures on all their products, involving industry experts to field-test products in harsh working conditions as well as third-party contractors for compliance regulations. This means you can be sure you’re getting the safest and best quality product every time.


The tough polyethylene material is weather resistant, resistant to corrosion from acids, alkalies and solvents and is virtually unaffected by even extreme temperatures. Wherever you need to set-up to your ground protection solution, you can be sure it will adapt to even the harshest weather conditions to deliver the same quality and safety benefits.

TuffTrak ground protection mats are resistant to all kinda of weather, temperature and chemicals


TuffTrak mats come in a wide range of load capacities to provide access and a safe work platform for even heavy-duty machinery and large construction vehicles. The durable but lightweight material and compression moulded construction means these mats are also flexible despite being highly resistant to puncturing and other damage. This means they can be easily fitted to uneven and undulating ground without losing any stability and affecting safety.


The unique chevron traction surface has been specially designed to provide superior grip in harsh weather conditions and environments. From foot traffic to heavy machinery, pedestrians and vehicles alike can safely cross the mats with minimal slippage and movement. A wide range of connector options designed for various ground conditions and environments also ensures a secure platform set-up.

Easy to use

The unique interlocking lightweight construction is designed to be easy and quick to deploy, set-up and remove. The overlap design also allows for seamless connection to minimise leakage and improve overall safety on site.

To find out more call one of our team today, or see the full range of TuffTrak ground protection products here.

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