Modular Ramps Installation Video

New Videos coming soon!

Last updated on September 27th, 2019 at 11:22 am

In 2015 we have produced over 25 videos for our website about our ramps for easier understanding how our products work.

As we have only experienced positive feedback since then we decided to create more videos about our loading ramps, wheelchair ramps and new also about our modular ramps.

This week we have our production team back in the UK for more videos and we hope that we can manage to make at least 15x more.

One of our main concerns regarding the videos is to show how easy our ramps can be used, what they can take and that most of our ramps don’t need any installations at all.

We also think that our modular ramps might be easier to understand if we show how they are being installed. So today we are assembling one ramp system, consisting of a platform and two ramp sections with a total length of 2.6m.

Those ramps can be installed by any competent builder of flat pack furniture from a very well-known Swedish company! The principle of assembling one of those ramps is the same, you might only need a bit longer as some parts are quite large. 2 people are required for some of the larger parts.

So we shoot a video to show every step of the installation. Alongside with the instructions provided with the systems you can be confident when installing a modular ramp system by yourself.

The British weather so far is terrible BUT stable and we make good progress. Keep an eye open for the new videos on the website and we will blog about them in time.

If you have any questions about our products/videos in the meantime, please contact us. We also have a video already in place on how to measure your door right for any modular ramp.



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