New videos from The Ramp People

New Videos from The Ramp People’s Ramps

Last updated on November 12th, 2019 at 11:49 am

Withstanding wind, rain and sunshine, good light and bad light we created over 30 product videos in 2015.  From a beautiful Surrey cottage and on location at The Ramp People Headquarters in lovely Esher we can announce the new videos of our loading ramps, wheelchair ramps, speed bumps and cable protectors. The videos demonstrate appearance, usage and instructions. The videos can now be found on our website in the products description. One of the most successful videos would be the wheel stop which features a Lamborghini. Please do not be distracted by its beauty since we also show some useful features for example how easy they are to install.

Our wheel stops and parking blocks come in a variety of sizes, and the individual sections can be joined together to make any length required.

The truck in this video was quite determined to impress in this video but we were more satisfied on how strong the heavy duty speed bumps are.

It does make a difference to talk about ramps and to actually see them in action. They have a capacity from 60,000kg and they sure do what they promise, withstand every truck.


The Cable Protectors also got their share of videos, being used outdoors for vehicles and indoors with our lightweight cable protectors wheelchair users. Our heavy duty cable protectors have a capacity from up to 20,000kg and you can see that they are not impressed by the weight of that BMW at all.


Our range of lightweight cable protectors can be used for all different kind of occasions and they are great for securing loose leads and electrical cables with our highly extruded lightweight rubber – protecting against electrical shocks and trip hazards in personal or work spaces without taking up room extra room or breaking the bank. And they surely are easily installed.


But our main focus was for us to show how easy our wheelchair access ramps can be opened and put in place, how fast the whole process is and how safe they are in the end.  And how lucky were we with the sun in November?


So if you need some information about any kind of ramp, we are happy to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us or visit us so we can personally demonstrate the ramps to you.

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