Plant Ramp Instruction Manual Now Online

The Ramp People have a huge range of aluminium plant ramps in stock that are suitable for every type of industrial setting. These heavy duty ramps have a capacity of up to 30 tons and are available in lengths of between 200mm and 5500mm. Our ramps are designed to be used at a 30% gradient (or a 16.5° angle), so the length of the ramp and the angled foot can be customised to suit your load height exactly.

TRP140 & TRP150 & TRP165 Series Image 3Having gone to the trouble to specify the correct plant ramp for your needs, it is always useful and important to have a copy of the user manual to hand. The user manual outlines the main details of how to use the ramps, and specifies the dos and don’ts of operation. For example, the ramps should never be used as a bridge, and should always be secured through the appropriate connection module. Please be aware that inappropriate use of your ramp can invalidate the warranty!

Please click here to view the Plant Ramp User Guide.

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