Product Guide: Handrail wheelchair ramps

Product Guide: Wheelchair ramps with handrails

Last updated on October 18th, 2019 at 09:26 am

Handrails can provide additional security and support to ramps which can help wheelchair users, walkers and even vehicles get access in a range of environments. From handrail ramps for homes and other residential buildings to commercial and public properties as well as construction sites and more. We offer various handrail ramp options each designed to cater to wheelchairs, pedestrians or vehicles while still being extremely versatile. Take a look at this complete product guide to help you find the ramp that suits your needs.

Portable wheelchair ramps with handrails

Our portable handrails wheelchair ramps are both lightweight and durable making them perfect for using temporarily and transporting or storing when needed or using on a more permanent basis. They are perfect for providing temporary and permanent access to homes and much more for wheelchair users and walkers alike. Take a look at the other key features of these ramps.

Benefits of disabled ramps with handrails

Portable wheelchair ramps with handrails measurements

All the product options for these ramps are available 3 different measurements with the following maximum load heights and capacities.

Ramp Length Maximum Load Height Maximum Capacity
6ft 300mm 350kg
8ft 405mm 350kg
10ft 505mm 350kg

Portable wheelchair ramps with handrails options

wheelchair ramp with handrails

wheelchair ramp handrail

handrails for ramps for disabled

Wheelchair ramp with bracket for handrails

Handrails for wheelchair ramp with bracket

Wheelchair ramp and handrails kit

Get the ramp section on it’s own with brackets for handrails to add a later stage if you wish. Purchase the handrails on their own for your own use or as additional handrails for your existing ramp with bracket. Get the complete kit with ramp and handrails designed to be set-up and used quickly and easily.

Pedestrian & Vehicle Handrail Ramps

Our pedestrian and vehicle ramps with handrails are more suitable for construction type environments due to their higher capacities and sizes. Take a look at the below features you can expect from these ramps.

Pedestrian and vehicle ramp product features

Features of our pedestrian and vehicle ramp handrail

Pedestrian and vehicle ramp product measurements

In the table below you’ll see the maximum load heights and capacities available for these ramps. As you can see, the largest total ramp you can get is our 1900mm vehicle ramp which comes in a maximum width of 1250mm and caters for load heights up to 160mm and capacities up to 4500kg. If you need to meet a higher load height you will need to opt for a lower capacity ramp.

Ramp Length Max Ramp Width Available Max Load Height Available Max Load Capacity Available
990mm 1250mm 80mm 4500kg
1390mm 1250mm 110mm 4500kg
1990mm 1250mm 160mm 4500kg
2390mm 1250mm 190mm 3514kg
2990mm 1250mm 240mm 2746kg
3790mm 1250mm 300mm 1830kg
4790mm 1250mm 380mm 1292kg
5790mm 1250mm 460mm 998kg

Pedestrian ramps with handrails product options

Perfect for overcoming architectural barriers such as steps, threshold or kerbs in private or public settings as well as trenches and other obstacles to provide pedestrian access in construction environments. You’ll find these ramps available in the eight different lengths and maximum load heights as stated in the table above with a maximum capacity of 400kg for all lengths.

Maximum length available: 5790mm

Maximum load height available: 460mm

Maximum capacity available: 400kg

Maximum width available: 1000mm

Vehicle ramps with handrails production options

Perfect for overcoming height differences caused by trenches or in construction sites to provide vehicle access. You’ll find these 16 options for these ramps with a choice of two widths for each of the eight available lengths outlined in the table above. The maximum load height and capacity will vary depending on the width and length of the ramp. To achieve the maximum load height, you will need to sacrifice on the maximum load capacity.

Maximum length available: 5790mm

Maximum load height available: 460mm

Maximum capacity available: 4500kg

Maximum width available: 1250mm

Finding your perfect ramp

Now you know all about our handrail ramp range, you can finally find your perfect ramp. Here’s a quick step by step.

1: Identify the right ramp for you

Depending on whether you need to provide access for wheelchairs, just pedestrians or vehicles as well as the environment you need to put your ramp in will help you decide which of the above options is right for you.

2: Measure for your ramp

Measure your door, threshold or other access point for your ramp. A safe gradient is typically 1:8, so the load height you need to access the capacity you need to allow for will help you work out what length you need. If you need any help our team is always on hand.

3: Buy your ramp

You can easily buy your ramp online or contact one of our team for help and we can place your order over the phone to make sure you get the right measurements for you. If you can’t find the measurements you need on our website, you can also contact our team to see if we can help you find the best solution.

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