Product Guide: Modular Wheelchair Ramp Systems

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Modular wheelchair ramps are a semi-permanent wheelchair ramp solution that is designed to be completely customisable for homes, schools, doctors surgeries, temporary buildings and much more. While this makes them extremely versatile, it also means they come in a wide range of parts and additions that can be confusing. If you’re looking for permanent wheelchair ramps for homes or commercial buildings, then take a look at our complete product guide for modular wheelchair ramp systems.

Modular wheelchair ramps feature overview

The modular wheelchair ramp range

Additional modular wheelchair ramp components

Buying and setting up your modular wheelchair ramp system


Modular wheelchair ramps feature overview

The main feature and benefit of these ramps are, unsurprisingly, their modular capabilities. With completely modular parts this ramp system can be used to fit any entrance and space, adapting to smaller footprints or complicated angles to avoid obstructions and suit your needs.

You can use the various components and extra additions in our modular range to further customise your solution. For example, our miniramps can account for small height changes and create a smooth entrance while our platforms enable you to customise the size of the ramp to fit your footprint. This offers virtually unlimited options when it comes to fitting your ramp, allowing the system to fit into tight or awkward spaces and minimising obstruction.

Take a look at the other features of our modular wheelchair ramp systems.

Our modular wheelchair ramps have many benefits

The modular wheelchair ramp range

The main permanent wheelchair ramp range is available in either 1100mm or 1500mm widths, so you can get any of the below parts in either of these widths. For modular wheelchair ramps for homes, our narrower 1100mm width is ideal while parts in our wider 1500mm option are more suited for commercial buildings.

You can choose from our selection of pre-designed ramp kits or build your own custom design out of the available parts. You can see the modular ramp parts available below.


modular wheelchair ramps sections

modular wheelchair ramp systems double handrails permanent wheelchair ramps balustrade handrails permanent wheelchair ramps for homes handrail ends floor connector for modular wheelchair ramps uk

platform for modular wheelchair ramps for homes

Ramp sections

Double handrails

Balustrade handrails

U-shaped handrail endings

Connection to ground


The basic ramp sections are available in 3 different lengths – 1360mm long, 1900mm long and 2310mm long.

Choose from our double height handrails or balustrade handrails to provide additional safety to the ramps and can provide assistance to both wheelchair users and other pedestrians. These types of handrails are sometimes preferred for their style or additional safety as they can prevent children from swinging on them. These have been designed for the ends of our double height handrails. They can also be chosen for both style reasons and additional safety to round off any edges. The ground connection is from our miniramp range (Miniramp 340mm x 960mm kit) and provides a smooth, safe entrance onto the ramp or platform.

Platforms can help you build ramps for higher entrance needs at a safe gradient and within a limited footprint, ideal for small or awkward spaces. Use one platform to create an L shaped 90-degree bend, or two to create a U-turn. They also provide a convenient resting place for wheelchair users on a long ramp system.

NEW: Lightweight modular wheelchair ramp range

We now have a whole new range of modular wheelchair ramps in a lightweight format. They include all the features of our main modular wheelchair ramp with an additional three years of warranty, which means they’re quality guaranteed for five years! Like our original range, they come in two different widths, but both are much more lightweight and can be put together with just one person (although two is always easier!)

Our narrower 900mm wide ramps are perfect for private residences as well as other areas where space may be more limited you don’t need to cater to larger wheelchair types. Alternatively, our 1300mm wide lightweight modular ramps are ideal for public spaces including schools, doctors and care homes where you may need to accommodate wider 

Made from either anodised (900mm) or polished (1300mm) aluminium, their robust but lightweight construction along with lightweight leg kits and optional handrails make them easy to set-up and only require simple tools. Just like with our original modular wheelchair ramps, you can choose from any of our pre-designed kits and add to later with our individual lightweight parts, or build your own fully customised solution from the parts below.

modular wheelchair ramp sections

modular wheelchair ramp system handrails permanent wheelchair ramps leg systems permanent wheelchair ramps for homes platforms

Ramp section


Leg kits


The main ramp section for these lightweight ramps come in 7 different length options. Choose from 500mm, 1000mm, 1250mm, 1500mm, 2000mm, 2500mm or 3000mm long sections.

You can build your modular ramp with or without handrails, it’s up to you! Our handrails are available in a wide range of length options to suit your custom ramp requirements. Choose from 350mm up to 3000mm long handrails. Our leg kits are also available in a wide range of lengths to suit your custom ramp needs. They’re available in measurements from 250mm to 1350mm.

Our platforms are perfect for lengthening your wheelchair ramp system to fit into awkward spaces or provide a place for wheelchair users to rest. You can choose from a simple square platform, a turning platform for a 90 degree turn, or a U-turn platform that allows the ramp to turn back on itself. They are available in a selection of different sizes depending on your needs.

Additional modular wheelchair ramp components

Our other ramp components can be used by themselves to create a different type of solution for your needs, or in combination with our main modular ramp range to create the perfect system.


Our miniramp range can be used as a ground attachment for the modular ramps or the miniramp parts can be used together to build a small entrance platform for limited spaces with small height differences. Just like our main modular ramp range, you can also choose from one of our pre-designed kits or build your own. Take a look at our available miniramp parts below.

mini modular ramp platform

Platform module

Platform extension module

Miniramp 340mm x 960mm kit 

The platform module can provide a small entrance platform that is both safe and easy for wheelchair users to access and provides space to turn as needed. It comes with support legs that can be fully adjusted up to a height of 160mm.

The extension module can be added onto miniramp platforms, with another extension module to make a slightly longer mini ramp or to our main modular ramp parts.

This is the extension module with the support legs and fixings included. This miniramp kit is the ground connector section used in our modular wheelchair ramp kits.

NEW: Step kits

Our step kits are an all-new solution that can provide a small step system for entrances. Use on their own or use in combination with our modular ramp systems to provide a stair option for other pedestrians and achieve an easier and better-managed entrance for all. They follow the regulations and standards that apply to buildings and workplaces and are perfect for short or long term 1 plan modular buildings, container designs, workplace bids and so on.

All our step kit parts are available with and without handrails. Take a look at the available parts below.

single modular step kits

modular 2 step kit

modular ramp 3 step kit

Single adjustable kit

2 step kit

3 step kit

A single step for heights from 130mm up to 175mm and a 200kg capacity. Available with and without handrails.

Our 2 step kit is designed for heights from 285mm to 350mm, also available with and without handrails.

Our 3 step kit is available with handrails and is suitable for heights from 465mm up to 540mm.

Buying and setting up your modular wheelchair ramp system

Once you have a good idea of what is included in our modular wheelchair ramp range, it’s easy to get your perfect solution and set it up. Take a look at this step-by-step to help.

1: Measure your entrance

To start you’ll need to measure the entrance you need to make accessible and the area you have to build your ramp. This will help to establish which parts you need to meet the right height and fit into the space. Take a look at our handy guide we made with step by step images plus a video to help you measure your door frame properly for a modular ramp.

How to measure for a modular wheelchair ramp system uk

2: Speak to our team for a 3D drawing

If you’re having a permanent wheelchair ramp fitted for the first time we highly recommend calling our team to help you choose the right solution and parts for your requirements. With years of expertise in supplying and fitting modular ramps, we can help make sure you don’t miss anything and you find the right fit. We can even complete a free 3D drawing of your entrance and ramp solution so you know exactly what you’re getting before you buy.

3: Purchase your kit and extra parts

Once you’re ready you can purchase your kit easily from our website or over the phone after you’ve received your 3D drawing. We offer a fast delivery service that will occur to the kerbside on a pallet, although we can offer a further delivery and set-up service if required. Just to talk to our team.

4: Set up your ramp system

Our modular wheelchair ramps can be set up by any competent builder or DIY’er and we provide a complete guide and handy video to help you through the process. In our video, you can see just how easy it is. If you are interested in getting help in building your system, however, we can also help organise this. Just speak to our team.

5: Come back any time for additional parts

If your needs change over time, your modular system can as well! Come back anytime to purchase additional parts or sections to suit your requirements. It’s quick and easy to do online or call one of our team again to help you out.


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