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Last updated on November 12th, 2019 at 10:15 am

There are many reasons why our rubber threshold ramps are one of our most popular products. From their start to finish simplicity to dependable durability these best selling ramps have a lot to offer at affordable prices. We’ve also recently improved our rubber threshold ramps, with a brand new 1 in 10 gradient range with an informative product video.


Our rubber threshold ramps are designed with simplicity in mind from start to finish. With a wide variety of height options ranging from just 4mm to 70mm, it is quick and easy to measure your threshold height and choose the right fit for you. Additionally, these ramps come in standard 1000mm wide strips to fit most standard threshold spaces. When it comes to setting up your rubber threshold ramp there’s no need for a thick instruction manual or additional supplies; simply line your ramp up to your threshold and you’re ready to go. Move your ramp quickly to other thresholds or pick up and store away for temporary use, it really is that easy.

Wheelchair on a rubber threshold ramp


As our new and improved product video shows, rubber threshold ramps are one of our most versatile products. As well as being designed to fit any kind of small step, you can also use different heights together to provide access over trickier thresholds. If your doorway has steps of different heights or thresholds with multiple ridges, our ramps can still provide access. Simply lay one height over the other and ensure safe passage for wheelchair users or wheeled equipment. Plus, our all new rubber threshold ramps built with a 1 in 10 gradient are ideal for mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs as well as manual wheelchairs, providing access for virtually any situation. If your threshold is slightly smaller or wider than most, you’ll be pleased to know you can cut down the 1-metre strips to suit your needs.


The most important thing about any of our products is their ability to stand the test of time with quality that lasts after each use. Our rubber threshold ramps are one of our best performing products, with a durable 100% recycled rubber material and quality construction capable of handling up to 500kg loading capacity. A simple yet effective ridged surface provides traction and grip for safe wheelchair access and is durable enough to suit busy thresholds and foot traffic areas. Of course, you don’t need to just take us at our word. We’re so sure of the quality of these ramps that they come with a one year warranty, guaranteeing their reliability.

The Ramp People rubber threshold ramps side and underneath views

The Ramp People way

If you choose our rubber threshold ramps as your wheelchair access solution, you’ll also get the great customer service and care we deliver with all our products. That includes a friendly sales team who can talk you through the selection process to make sure you get exactly the right ramp for you. Our easy to use website provides all the information you need to make your choice with detailed product specifications and handy videos. Simply select your size from our drop-down menu and proceed to the checkout. Then it’s simply a case of waiting for your ramp to arrive, although you won’t be waiting around long thanks to our fast UK mainland delivery.

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