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Road Plates & Trench Covers

Last updated on January 24th, 2020 at 12:12 pm

Road Plates & Trench Covers are a perfect way to provide safe access for vehicles and pedestrians across trenches, for example at construction sites during site excavations.

The Ramp People have a range of Road Plates and Trench Covers provided in a variety of sizes. They are yellow for high visibility. The plates and covers are lightweight solutions, making them easy to transport to alternative locations as required.

Buggie safely passing over a trench during construction works

Road Plates & Trench Covers do not require any installation, simply put them in place and start using. They do include fixing holes if you wish to secure these in place.

The plates and covers are provided with a non-slip surface and non-trip edges to ensure the safety of those passing over them.

The Trench Covers & Road Plates are produced from reinforced plastic, making them a much lighter solution than the steel alternatives. In addition, they do not have the scrap value like the metal versions, making them less likely to be stolen during site works. The plastic material also means the covers and plates are suitable to be used in all weather conditions as they do not warp.

Road Plates

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