Wheelchair Ramps

Semi-Permanent Wheelchair Ramp Solutions

The Ramp People understand that a folding wheelchair ramp is not always the solution. Sometimes you wish to purchase a wheelchair ramp which can be left in place, whether you plan to leave it there for a few weeks or a couple of years. We have various solutions for you!

For the smaller heights up to 4″/100mm

Our Rubber Threshold Ramps are a perfect solution for overcoming lower heights, such as small steps and thresholds. They are available in heights from 4mm up to 100mm. As they are rubber they are extremely durable and can be left outside. It is a simple rubber wedge, no installation is required simply put in place and start using. The higher heights are quite heavy meaning the weight simply secures them in place. For lower heights you may wish to secure them with adhesives. If the ramp is too wide for you, simply cut it widthways with a stanley knife or saw. These ramps are an ideal, budget solution for making your home or workplace wheelchair accessible. 

Wheelchair Ramps With, or Without Handrails 6ft – 10ft

Our popular Wheelchair Ramps with Handrails are available in 6ft, 8ft or 10ft. They can be purchased with or without handrails, depending on your requirements. They are suitable for manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, scooters, walkers and pedestrians. The ramps are perfect for heights up to 505mm, use our handy Ramp Calculator to check the length of ramp you need. The ramps include a pre-drilled hole to allow you to secure this to the step. The handles simply screw into place meaning they can easily be removed if you wish to place the ramp in storage. These ramps can also be used as a portable ramp by simply resting on the step and removing when not required.

Fixed and Adjustable Threshold Ramps 2ft – 8ft

Our range of Fixed and Adjustable Threshold Ramps are perfect for heights up to 405mm. They are suitable for manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, scooters, walkers and pedestrians. The ramps are provided with holes to allow you to secure this to the step or threshold. Alternatively, you can purchase the Adjustable Ramp which has adjustable legs to allow you to adjust the legs to the step or threshold height. Connecting plates are also available with these ramps if you wish to go up and over a threshold. The ramps are produced from anodised aluminium, ensuring they are suitable to be left outside. The corrosion free grip surface provides further support. Safety edges are also included. 

Roll-a-Ramp 2ft – Any Length You Wish!

Roll-a-Ramps are provided in lengths from 3ft upwards. We list up to 15ft on our website but you can purchase the ramp in any length, simply ask our team for a quote. Available in 660mm, 760mm and 910mm, the ramp is suitable for various widths. Handrails are also available at an additional charge. The ramps are suitable for manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, scooters and walkers. 

Modular Wheelchair Ramps – Any Length, Any Design!

Modular Wheelchair Ramps are a perfect semi-permanent solution. They generally take around 1/2 day to put in place and therefore these are more suitable for those who wish to leave the ramp in place for several months or years. A 1:12 gradient is recommended for Modular Wheelchair Ramps. As they are modular, the kits can be amended to meet your requirements, whether you require a certain length, width, handrails, no handrails, additional platforms or step kits, our Modular Team are happy to assist you to find a solution. The Ramp People provide aluminium and steel modular kits. The ramps are suitable for all wheelchairs, scooters and pedestrians.

If you wish to learn more about our Modular Wheelchair Ramps, or require a quote, please call 01372 478 960 or email hello@theramppeople.co.uk. Our Modular Wheelchair Ramp experts will be happy to assist.

Any questions or require advice on the solution for you? Call the ramp experts on 01372 478960 or email hello@theramppeople.co.uk

VAT exemption is available on all of our wheelchair ramps. 1 year warranties are provided on all purchases.

Free mainland UK delivery over £60.00 & no quibble return policy.

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