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Suitcase Wheelchair Ramps

Last updated on January 27th, 2020 at 11:40 am

The Ramp People’s extensive range of suitcase Wheelchair Ramps are available in lengths up to 10ft. They are perfect for allowing manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs and scooters up heights of up to 505cm. The ramps are all provided with a 1 year warranty and anti-slip surfaces. All of our folding ramps have a capacity of 275kg or more.

What Ramp Length Do You Need & What Should You Measure?

If you are unsure, simply use our simple Wheelchair Ramp Length Calculator. All you need to do is simply measure the vertical heights of the step(s) you are going up and enter this into the calculator. Select whether you are using a manual wheelchair, electric wheelchair or scooter and the calculator will let you know the minimum ramp length you require! If you would like a smoother gradient you can always purchase a longer ramp.

The Ramp People’s Economy Folding Wheelchair Ramps range provides a selection of ramps in lengths from 2ft – 10ft. This means they can easily allow wheelchairs to overcome a kerb or a set of steps.

The range includes ramps which simply fold widthways and ramps that fold lengthways. Our clever Multi-fold Wheelchair Ramp with a black grip surface folds lengthways and widthways! When choosing the best ramp for you, always check the weight of the ramp and consider where you plan to store it to ensure you have enough space to store the folded ramp.


Any questions? Call our friendly team on 01372 478 960 or email hello@theramppeople.co.uk

Looking for a Premium Wheelchair Ramp?

The Ramp People also offer an array of Premium Wheelchair Ramps, perfect for cooperate events, businesses, shops and more! The Premium Wheelchair Ramp range includes folding and non-folding options.

The premium range are built to a higher quality. In addition, the range includes extremely lightweight Carbon Fibre Wheelchair Ramps.


If you have a height on the inside of the doorway you may also require a threshold ramp. For example, our Rubber Threshold Ramps are a popular solution for heights up to 4″/100mm.

If you are purchasing the ramp for someone with a disability, or for a charity, you do not need to pay the VAT. Simply enter the full name of the person the ramp is for and disability in the VAT exemption box at the checkout. Alternatively, if purchasing for a charity enter the full charity name and charity number.

Any questions? Call our friendly team on 01372 478 960 or email hello@theramppeople.co.uk

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