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The perfect ramps for classic cars

Last updated on November 12th, 2019 at 10:18 am

With such a wide range available we have car ramps to suit pretty much any need, including low profile car ramps for classic cars. While we always trust our products to do the job properly, it’s always good to hear from customers and see our ramps in action.

Car ramps for classic cars

Any car enthusiast will be familiar with the difficulties involved in transporting and parking low profile cars. Both modern sports cars and classic beauties need to be parked with care and are usually showcased regularly at public events and private residences. Whether it’s getting up a sloped driveway or up onto a raised stage or platform, the low profile of these cars often requires ramps to prevent costly damage.

These videos from Greenside Cars show how our ramps can be used for these precious vehicles to ensure they are transported and showcased safely. Ideal for low load heights for cars with a lower ground clearance, these ramps have been used to ensure cars are moved into containers without incident.

Why our car ramps are fit for the job

So why are our car ramps so perfect for even expensive car models like the ones above?

Our range of aluminium vehicle ramps are suitable for various load heights up to 600mm, perfect for low slung vehicles like classic sports cars. With a 40mm profile thickness they are extremely lightweight, making them fast to set up and easy to transport. Despite being perfect for transportation you’ll find our ramps have a strong aluminium construction for long-term use and durability. They’re also fully TUV certified and tested for three different length wheelbases to account for changes in weight spread and potential load capacity. This makes for a quality you can rely on use after use.

When it comes to setting up these car ramps we offer complete versatility with four different connection options available. The default option is the rest on connection which is both fast and easy to set up and use.

Although we have a wide selection of load heights to choose from, we find many people using our ramps for events often require custom heights. If this is the case our friendly sales team are always on hand to discuss your requirements, and quotes for bespoke ramps are available upon request. You can also talk to our team if you are unsure about any of the minimum lengths, weights and other measurements to ensure that you get the safest car ramps for your requirements.

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