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The Perfect Wheelchair Ramps for Overcoming Awkward PVC Thresholds

Last updated on October 18th, 2019 at 09:23 am

Struggling to get your wheelchair or mobility scooter over your PVC threshold? Unsure how to overcome that awkward ledge on the PVC doorway? We have many customers call with this issue, do not fear, The Ramp People are here with the perfect wheelchair ramp for you! 

Are Up & Over Threshold Ramp kits are perfect for allowing you to overcome PVC thresholds. The ramp is a clever combination of are popular Adjustable Threshold Ramp, combined with an entry plate to allow you to have 1 ramp to cover both the internal and external heights. All you have to do is select your entry plate length and your adjustable threshold ramp length.

Which length ramp do I need? 

Firstly you need to measure the vertical height inside the doorway and outside the doorway. You can simply do this with a tape measure. The height will help you to identify the ramp length you need.

Once you know the external height (the highest height), put this into our Wheelchair Ramp Length Calculator to identify your required ramp length. You will also need to select whether you are user a manual wheelchair, electric wheelchair or scooter.  If you would like a smoother gradient, simply select a longer ramp. 

Which Entry Plate do I need? 

We have 2 entry plates. The 300mm plate is designed for a maximum height of 70mm/2.7inches whilst the 600mm plate has a maximum height of 120mm/4.7inches. 

Ramp covering PVC doorway

How easy is it to put the kit together? 

All fixings are provided, you simply have to screw it together! We do provide instructions on putting the kit together. Firstly you will need to attach the leg kit to the wheelchair ramp. You will need to adjust the leg height to match the height of the doorway/steps which you are going up. A guide can be found here. You may also wish to watch the video found in the description of our Adjustable Threshold Ramp. 

As the legs of the ramp are adjustable, you can use the ramp is other areas if you wish however please of course do not exceed the maximum load height for your wheelchair ramp. 

You will then need to connect the entry plate to the ramp. We of course also provide an instruction guide for this. 

Fixings for wheelchair ramp


Can the ramp be left in place? 

Yes! The plate is provided with a handle. When you wish to close the door, simply pull the handle so the plate rests onto the main ramp. You can then close the door! The ramp is anodised and provided with a chequered grip surface so it is suitable to be left outside however please do of course do take care when using the ramp if it has rained, snowed etc. 

Will the ramp take the weight of my scooter/electric wheelchair/manual wheelchair?

The ramp has a capacity of 400kg, the entry plate has a capacity of 250kg so it can the weight of most wheelchairs and scooters. 

Adjustable threshold ramp

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