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The Ramp People to the rescue: Surrey Police HQ

Last updated on October 18th, 2019 at 11:25 am

Surrey Police HQ in Guildford are having an important renovation to their main entrance and reception area. Unfortunately, this area is the only access to the entire building with ramp – and the renovation works will also end up blocking access to the gym facilities and canteen for all police staff.

The staff needed temporary wheelchair and mobility access as possible before the building work could start, so they turned to the The Ramp People for a solution. Our brief was simple: install a temporary free-standing ramp system suitable for wheelchairs – as quick as possible. The system also needed to be installed without the need for any additional ground works to be completed, and lifted with ease once the works are complete. 

After consultations with our expert customer support team, and swift response from our warehouse and ramp fitters; just 10 days later, Surrey Police HQ had their bespoke wheelchair ramp solution. A tailor-made structure that is designed and fitted to match the specific access point’s slopes and corners perfectly.

The Ramp People can design and build system bridges from existing concrete platform or steps, allowing the ramp to carry over the existing pavement and finish on the road surface – removing the need for a drop kerb ramps to be installed; this process not only eliminates extra hazards, but saved the police both time and money during the ramps build. 


Take a look at the fantastic results below;

police1 police3 police4

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