more:trees and the ramp people

TRP is new Member of more: trees

We will plant one tree for every company review and two trees for every product review. Like this we can sequester CO2 and be a more sustainable brand. And make the world a little bit greener. Each customer can then have 3 trees planted per order.

See our current plantain progress here:

Climate change is real and it is harming our planet and subsequently all of us. We can all contribute with small changes every day and together we can impact nature and the climate. 

One step for us was very consequentially to become a member of more:trees. 

Why is tree planting important?

Trees play a vital role in the environment. They are the biggest plants on earth, providing us with oxygen as well as storing the CO2 converting it to oxygen. Trees give life, food and shelter to world wildlife as well as providing us with materials for tools and shelter. 

In planting trees we make a small, but important step to give back. 

About more:trees

“Our goal is to help business and individuals take impactful climate action to secure the future of our planet now and for generations to come. 


Innovation: Constantly developing new ways to make sustainable actions easier, automatic and part of everyday business and lives. 

Variety: Expanding the choice of solutions to include different sequestration projects – such as blue carbon – and offer the projects that resonate most with every individual. 

Expertise: Being at the forefront of climate action and developments to provide our end users with the greatest offsetting and validation tools, technologies and projects. 

Solutions: Providing users with a suite of climate action solutions, including emission calculations and projects. “

Find out more about more:trees here.

What can you do to become more sustainable in your daily life?

  • Reduce Transport impact, cycle or walk if possible. 
  • Save Energy in the office and at home. Switch off appliances at the socket and turn off lights, when not in use. Dress appropriately for the weather and season. Reducing your heating by just one degree can save up to 8% of energy. Only boil as much water as you need. 
  • When buying goods or services consider the environmental effects. Sustainable products usually are marked as such. Buy local or regional grown food by season. 
  • Eat Sustainably – Why not choose a plant based diet two to three times a week? Drink Tap water instead of bottled water. Within the staff of The Ramp People, we have one vegan and three vegetarians. 
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle. 

The beginning of change always starts small and this change needs to be made. Start small in your home, in your office and wherever you are. Consider what you buy, eat and use, live more consciously and you start to see for yourself where you can start.

We believe in the above and in cooperation with more: trees we start to make our impact as a business. 


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