Telescopic channel ramps

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

One challenge many wheelchair users face is loading their wheelchair, scooter or electric wheelchair in and out of the car.

What To Consider?

  • Will you be loading a manual or electric wheelchair/scooter?
  • Will the chair be empty when loaded?
  • What is the vertical height from the ground to where the ramp will rest on the vehicle (from the ground to the bumper/boot generally)?
  • What is the maximum weight you wish to load?
  • Do you require a temporary, portable ramp or would you like a fixed ramp which remains secured to the vehicle?

Manual Wheelchairs – Portable Solutions

For Manual Wheelchairs the lightest solution would be channel ramps. These are provided in lengths up to 12ft and are adjustable so you can clip them to shorter lengths when required.

If you are loading an empty Manual Wheelchair, the gradient required is 1:33 though you can always purchase a longer ramp for a smoother gradient, making it easier to load the wheelchair.

If someone will be in the Manual Wheelchair at the time of loading, a 1:6 gradient is recommended. To identify the required length, simply enter the height you are going up into our Ramp Calculator, select a 1:6 gradient & see which length is required.

Telescopic Channel Ramps with Black Grip Surface

The Ramp People’s telescopic channel ramps are provided with a 275kg/43 stone capacity, this is generally more than enough for a person & a wheelchair user.

Electric Wheelchairs & Scooters – Portable Solutions

For loading an empty Electric Wheelchairs or Scooters, our most popular solution is our Scooter Ramps. You can purchase these as a pair, or purchase 3 ramps if you have a wheel located in the centre of your Scooter. The ramps are designed for a maximum load height of 660mm. Each ramp weights only 9kg/1.4 stone and therefore they are a lightweight solution which folds for easy storage within your vehicle or home.

Simply rest the ramps on the back of the vehicle and start loading!

Scooter Ramps with Black Grip Surface

If someone will be in the Electric Wheelchair/Scooter at the time of loading into the vehicle, a 1:8 gradient is recommended. To identify the required length, simply enter the height you are going up into our Ramp Calculator, select a 1:8 gradient & see which length is required.

Scooters & Electric Wheelchairs generally require a smoother gradient than manual wheelchairs as they generally have lower ground clearance.

Fixed/Permanent Solutions For Manual Wheelchairs, Electric Wheelchairs & Scooters

We offer a range of Folding Van Ramps which are secured into the van to provide a fixed solution. For loading wheelchairs & scooters, we generally recommend a mesh surface.

Fixed Folding Van Ramp – Mesh Surface

To recommend a suitable ramp for you, we do require the measurements of your car/van as it is important to check the ramp will fit in the vehicle & identify the best length ramp for you to ensure you have a smooth gradient for easy loading.

The measurements we require can be viewed here. If you provide the measurements to our team, over the phone or via email, they will be able to quickly advise the best length & width ramp for your requirements.

We have 2 part & 3 part folding van ramps available, with capacities up to 1000kg however, for wheelchair use generally only 300kg capacity is required. The ramps are all produced to an excellent standard in our factories in Europe. We provide instructions on how to assembly these to the vehicle, alternatively a general handyman would be able to assist you with this.

If you need any advice on choosing the best ramp for you, or have any questions please contact our friendly team on 01372 478960, alternatively email

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