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Wheelchair friendly day out

Last updated on October 18th, 2019 at 11:31 am

Planning a day out can be quite a task, factor in a wheelchair user and it can become more challenging but it needn’t be impossible.

The Ramp doctor has some handy hints to make sure the day runs smoothly and ensure that everyone enjoys it.

Travel- A good place to start when planning a day out is your means of transport. Whether you are going to be travelling by public transport or car there are a few questions to ask. If travelling by bus or train double-check that the stations have disabled access, wide ticket gates, lifts or step free access. There are lots of useful internet resources for planning a day out in London, such as

If you are travelling by car ensure that there is ample space to fit your wheelchair or mobility scooter. To save heavy lifting it is also a good idea to purchase a lightweight ramp to easily load your wheelchair or scooter into your car. The Ramp Factory Broadfold Wheelchair ramp would be an excellent option as it folds to half its length, meaning it’s easy enough to store in your car or bring on your day out.

Venue- Once your travel has been arranged it is time to start planning where to go! Aside from the usual days out such as trips to the cinema or shopping, there is a whole host of other activities to enjoy. Ice skating for example is a great way to include everyone, wheelchair users can go on the ice in their wheelchair if they are pushed by another skater. Accessible bikes are also great for a summer’s day as wheelchairs can be clamped to the front and then cycled about.

Be prepared- As with any day out it is important to prepare for any set backs that may occur. When planning your outing it is a good idea to call ahead to check your chosen venue has suitable wheelchair access and facilities. Another excellent idea is to take a lightweight, portable travel ramp with you- to be prepared for steps that may not be accounted for.

For more inspiration and handy tips have a look at:

We hope that you enjoy your day!

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