World’s lightest ramp!

Last updated on November 5th, 2019 at 02:38 pm

We love innovative products. Our favourite ones are the products that use the latest technology and materials to answer everyday accessibility problems. With increasing awareness for disability and mobility concerns, technology is finally starting to answer some of the key problems faced by people living with a disability. Because we love innovative products so much, we’re always looking out for them to include in our range or improve our own products. We’re always seeing great designs and new ideas, but our new Carbon Fibre Wheelchair Ramp is probably our most innovative yet.

What to expect from the new Carbon Fibre Ramp

Yes, you did read that heading right. The newest addition to our range of wheelchair ramps is in fact the world’s lightest ramp. Manufactured from lightweight carbon fibre, the trendy material is put to good use in this unique design. Perfect for getting up any kerb or step, this ramp conveniently folds in half for easy transportation and storage. Because it’s so light, weighing just over 2.6kg, this latest ramp solution could help wheelchair users all over the world overcome even more day to day obstacles. A simple rest on connections means it’s quick to set-up and use, with little disruption to other general access.


A bit about carbon fibre

Carbon fibre is also known as a carbon-fibre-reinforced-polymer. If that sounds like a bit of a mouthful, then don’t worry. The most important thing about this complex material is that it has a much higher than average strength to weight ratio and is extremely rigid. Made from carbon fibers, the material is extremely low weight while retaining a high tensile strength, making it a perfect wheelchair ramp material. Easy to transport around, yet durable and resilient to the weight and regular use of wheelchair loading.

Just like any other wheelchair ramp

Other than being the world’s lightest ramp, our new Carbon Fibre Wheelchair Ramp is just like any other. Edges on the side of the suitcase ramp provide additional safety to the already resilient material, ensuring that wheels don’t slip off. You can also choose from a wide range of four different lengths from 2.5ft to 6.5ft. At a safe gradient, that makes these ramps suitable for load heights up to 330mm, perfect for any step or kerb obstacle.

You can find out more about safe gradients here, or read our wheelchair buying guide for even more information.

Alternatively, call one of our friendly sales team to find out more about the Carbon Fibre Ramp and how it could be the right fit for you.

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