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Yard Ramp Training and Maintenance Guide

Last updated on October 18th, 2019 at 03:43 pm

Yard Ramp Training and Maintenance Guide

Although our CE marked mobile yard ramps are very robust, routine maintenance & proper staff training will greatly increase the life expectancy & smooth running of the product. If regularly checked over one unit can be expected to last for 10yrs+ before factory refurbishment is required. Below we will reveal our new onsite training, as well as covering some basic servicing & maintenance tips.

Staff Training:

User safety & the safety of everyone else in the working area is of the utmost importance when operating heavy machinery such as our Yard Ramp range. Confidence & trust that staff understand the correct way to use the product & are aware of the features attached to the ramp will make for a smoother & safer operation. We are excited to announce that we can now offer staff training sessions for your staff. A factory technician will meet you and your team onsite to demonstrate key safety features & general operation instructions. Price of this service will depend on location of the training but prices typically start at £500 plus VAT.

Before any maintenance:

Most maintenance work on a Yard Ramp will be performed from the underside of the ramp since the complete hydraulic system & running gear assemblies are located below the main deck surface. Therefore, it is imperative that the ramp be supported and help securely before maintenance personnel are allowed to go under the ramp. Supports should be placed under the lip end (at the top of the ramp) and should be suitably stable and sturdy. For extra safety, the wheels should be choked and the locking chains supplied with the ramp should be used to secure the ramp to the supports. Do not drive onto the ramp when it is in this position.

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Trouble Shooting:

Below is a list of issues we have come across in the past. Most are due to misuse of the Yard Ramp onsite which is why we highly recommend booking a training session before allowing staff to operate the ramp unsupervised. These problems are usually rectifiable by referring to the user guide supplied with the ramp or alternatively you contact us to speak with a technician. Some of the issues include:

  • Uneven raising or lowering
  • Oil leakages
  • Ramp sinking when the valve is closed

General Maintenance:

Similar to a forklift half yearly inspections are recommended to make sure all parts are in safe working order & operating correctly. Below are what we recommend checking & full instructions on how to repair or replace can be found in the user guide supplied with the ramp.

  • Hydraulic Hand Pump & reservoir
  • Hydraulic Lines & fluid
  • Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Wheel Bearings
  • Wire bush rush spots, prime & paint

Additional Safety Features:

Full length handrails are available on all of our Yard Ramps at an additional fee as the ramps are customisable. If you plan to have workers walking up the ramp, for example if you are loading pallet trucks, we would recommend considering this feature. Please note, we of course do not recommend your team walk up the ramp whilst machinery is on the ramp.

The steel handrails can be bolted to the single piece of steel side profiles. Our technicians can attached the handrails onto the ramp for you prior to dispatching the ramp however, you can also add them at a late date if required.

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