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PU Portable Speed Bump

Portable 10ft long rollable and portable speed bump.
Length (mm)3000
Width (mm)230
Weight (kg)13
Capacity (kg)10000
  • Easy to Fit
  • High Visability
  • Includes Cats Eyes
  • One Year Warranty
£160.00 (ex vat) £192.00 (inc vat)
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Portable speed bumps have all the benefits of stationary speed bumps, but can be rolled up and moved from location to location in seconds. Perfect for calming traffic during certain hours of the day, such as immediately before and after school, easily portable, removable speed bumps weigh less than 15kg and are easily handled by one person.

There are many situations in which a temporary traffic calming solution is preferable to a permanent one.

  • Schools
  • Sporting events
  • Fairs
  • Construction sites
  • Road blocks

In each of these situations, Portable speed bumps are useful for certain hours of the day, but would simply create traffic congestion if left in place permanently. With portable speed bumps, it is easy to implement a traffic solution only during specific hours.

Capacity (kg) 10000
Folded length (mm) 530
Height (mm) 40
Length (mm) 3000
Weight (kg) 13
Width (mm) 230
One Year Warranty Yes
Easy to Fit Yes
High Visability Yes
Includes Cats Eyes Yes
Operating Temperature (deg. F) -55 deg to +55 deg
Elongation At Break 1100%
Tensile Strength 30.00 MPA
Speedlimit (mph) 10

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