Roll-a-Ramp, 910mm Wide

The 910mm wide Roll-a-Ramp is suitable for commercial and private use. With a capacity up to 453kg the ramp offers a range of applications, including overcoming threshold, and has been designed with scooters, wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs in mind. 

All ramps from 11ft onwards will include the locking pins/quick release pins and also the support stands

Roll-a-ramp can be built at any lenght, please contact us if you need the ramps to be 16ft or longer.

Length (ft)3-15
Width (mm)910
Weight (kg)9-45
Capacity (kg)453
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  • Customisable
  • Easy to Fit
  • Electric Wheelchair
  • Made in the USA
  • Manual Wheelchair
  • Mobility Scooter
  • One Year Warranty
  • Leave Outside
As low as £450.00 £375.00
2-3 working days
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Roll-A-Ramp Features Include: 

  • Constructed using high-tensile aluminium
  • Roll-a-Ramp is lightweight, flexible and highly portable
  • Roll Up Design for easy storage and transport
  • Lengths from (3ft) to any length available 
  • Lengths of 11ft and longer normally require extra supports
  • Upto 453kg capacity
  • Smooth access onto the wheelchair ramp
  • Edges on each side of the ramp to prevent accidentally wheeling off
  • Lightweight for easy handling 
  • Add/remove sections to ammend the ramp length as required      
  • All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancement

Roll-A-Ramp, 910mm wide


  • Length 3ft (914mm)
  • Weight 9kg
  • Capacity 453kg
  • Rolled Diameter 14 inches 
  • Max. load height 100mm


  • Length 4ft (1219mm)
  • Weight 12kg
  • Capacity 453kg
  • Rolled Diameter 16 inches 
  • Max. load height 150mm


  • Length 5ft (1524mm)
  • Weight 15kg
  • Capacity 453kg
  • Rolled Diameter 18 inches 
  • Max. load height 200mm


  • Length 6ft (1828mm)
  • Weight 18kg
  • Capacity 453kg
  • Rolled Diameter 20 inches 
  • Max. load height 250mm


  • Length 7ft (2133mm)
  • Weight 21kg
  • Capacity 453kg
  • Rolled Diameter 22 inches 
  • Max. load height 305mm


  • Length 8ft (2438mm)
  • Weight 24kg
  • Capacity 453kg
  • Rolled Diameter 24 inches 
  • Max. load height 355mm


  • Length 9ft (2743mm)
  • Weight 27kg
  • Capacity 453kg
  • Rolled Diameter 26 inches 
  • Max. load height 405mm


  • Length 10ft (3048mm)
  • Weight 30kg
  • Capacity 397kg
  • Rolled Diameter 28 inches 
  • Max. load height 455mm


  • Length 11ft (3352mm)
  • Weight 33kg
  • Capacity 453kg
  • Rolled Diameter 30 inches 
  • Max. load height 510mm


  • Length 12ft (3657mm)
  • Weight 36kg
  • Capacity 453kg
  • Rolled Diameter 32 inches 
  • Max. load height 560mm


  • Length 13ft (3962mm)
  • Weight 39kg
  • Capacity 453kg
  • Rolled Diameter 34 inches 
  • Max. load height 610mm


  • Length 14ft (4267mm)
  • Weight 42kg
  • Capacity 453kg
  • Rolled Diameter 36 inches 
  • Max. load height 665mm


  • Length 15ft (4572mm)
  • Weight 45kg
  • Capacity 453kg
  • Rolled Diameter 38 inches 
  • Max. load height 750mm
Capacity (kg) 453
Length (ft) 3-15
Weight (kg) 9-45
Width (mm) 910
One Year Warranty Yes
Customisable Yes
Easy to Fit Yes
Electric Wheelchair Yes
Manual Wheelchair Yes
Mobility Scooter Friendly Yes
Leave Outside Yes
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