Wheel Riser Ramp

This set of plastic wheel riser service ramps are made from polyurethane, and are perfect for raising cars and vans for service and maintenance. These lightweight service ramps feature a grid design, which allows water and dirt to easily flow through. Featuring a specialty internal support system that runs through the center of the ramp to support and distribute weight, these ramps are incredibly sturdy. Capacity up to 1.5 tonnes on the small pair of ramps and 2.5 tonnes on the large pair of ramps.

Since your vehicle won’t be level when using these wheel riser ramps, we also recommend the use of wheel chocks.

Price listed is for a pair of ramps.

Length (mm)700-900
Width (mm)200-305
Height (mm)80-215
Weight Per Ramp (kg)2.8-6
Capacity (kg)1500-2500

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Product: Wheel Riser Ramp

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Main Features:

  • Portable automotive pair of ramps constructed with a rugged and structural design
  • Provides reliable and convenient access to the underside of your vehicle
  • Non-skid base and tread pattern helps reduce slippage
  • Smooth ramp provides easy use for some low ground clearance vehicles
  • Produced from lightweight and durable polyurethane, more user-friendly than steel ramps
  • Nesting design for easy storage

Wheel Riser Ramps

TRP-HRP4702 - Large Wheel Rise

  • Length 900mm
  • Width 305mm
  • Total Height 215mm
  • Vehice Raised Height 170mm
  • Weight per ramp 6kg
  • Capacity 2500kg

TRP-HRP4703 - Small Wheel Rise

  • Length 700mm
  • Width 200mm
  • Total Height 80mm
  • Vehicle Raised Height 70mm
  • Weight per ramp 2.8kg
  • Capacity 1500kg
Capacity (kg) 1500-2500
Height (mm) 80-215
Length (mm) 700-900
Weight per Ramp (kg) 2.8-6
Width (mm) 200-305