Skywalker HD

The Skywalker polyurethane line is already reputed for its ultimate comfort and longevity properties. The unique composition of anti-fatigue matting is an ergonomic pattern and a cushioning underlay which stimulates continuous micro-movements of the feet minimizing blood pooling in the legs.

Skywalker HD™ is available as 91 cm x 91 cm modular tiles that interlock to create custom-designed matting solutions for any work station that can easily be installed on site, relocated or recreated. Bevelled safety ramps allow inside and outside corners to finish off the custom solution. Skywalker HD™ mat tiles can even be separated into 30 cm x 30 cm sections for smaller or uncommon configurations. Skywalker HD™ also comes in standard size moulded mats with bevelled ramps for a ready-made solution.

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