Yard Ramps

Save with used Yard Ramps

Yard ramps are a necessity in many industrial settings but they can also require one of the biggest investments. That’s why a quality, durable yard ramp is so important to ensure that your ramp stands the test of time. A durable yard ramp can also be refurbished and can last for many more years to come, making used yard ramps a great way to save money without sacrificing on quality providing you choose the right one.

Yard ramps built to last

Our yard ramps are all constructed from a single piece of steel and are CE Marked to meet the latest European standards and directives for superior quality. With a reinforced steel undercarriage and rigorous testing, these yard ramps are some of the safest on the market. Combined with a high traction mesh anti-slip surface with an industry leading lifespan, they are designed for incredible durability even with high volume and heavy-duty use. The ramps are suitable for use in all weathers and self-cleans to prevent hazardous debris so they remain strong and functional even after harsh weather conditions. Our yard ramps are built for durability Their ease of use also helps to improve durability as they can be easily manoeuvred and used with less everyday wear and tear. A fixed swivel clamp and hydraulic assist means the ramp can be moved easily with a forklift and the height can be adjusted effortlessly. Whether the smaller 7,000kg capacity yard ramps or our heavy duty 15,000kg capacity, you’ll find every ramp is built to stand the test of time.

Save with used yard ramps

Used yard ramps often come from stock that has been rented out and no longer needed or ramps that have simply been previously owned and are sold on or traded in for another ramp. Their robust build often means that even after years of use these ramps are perfectly fine to be used again, and most of the ramps that have some of the worst wear and tear can be easily reconditioned for further use. All pre-owned yard ramps are fully inspected and tested for performance and durability to ensure their safety and future reliability. Ramps are then either approved for use or reconditioned to meet rigorous quality standards. This includes checking and repairing the anti-slip mesh as well as testing and repairing or replacing as needed the main functionality of the ramp such as the hydraulic pump, chain and clamps. Finally, reconditioned ramps are then repainted and prepared for sale. Used car ramps can help you save money Ramps that have been previously owned and sold on or traded in that are in good almost-original condition are some of the most expensive used ramps, while those that have been reconditioned or are much older can often be much cheaper than new yard ramps.

Go bespoke with new yard ramps

Of course, used yard ramps can only ever come as they are. While it may cost more, buying a new yard ramp enables you to customise the final product to suit your needs. While they are typically used for loading containers, yard ramps can be very versatile and have many other uses in industrial settings. You may wish to customise the height or additional features of the ramp to fit your requirements. For example, our yard ramps can be customised with railings as well as bespoke sizes and weights while still remaining completely mobile for easy manoeuvrability. Whether you save with second hand or decide to go custom with a brand new ramp, contact our team today to help you find your perfect yard ramp solution.