Road Safety & Traffic Calming

We offer a wide variety of traffic calming equipment to help improve safety in a range of applications. From versatile traffic calming and traffic control devices such as speed bumps and cushions, to specialised solutions such as our column protectors and other car park safety equipment. Whatever your needs, you’ll find traffic calming solutions to suit all budgets as well as a high standard quality finish perfect for professional use. read more

Traffic calming equipment

Our versatile traffic calming solutions are suitable for a wide range of applications, ideal for slowing down traffic in car parks, residential areas and low traffic roads. Whether you’re looking to improve safety outside schools or reduce hazards in car park areas, we offer a variety of traffic calming devices including a range of speed bumps and speed bump signs.

All our speed bumps and cushions are easy to set up and come with fixings for both tarmac and concrete surfaces, making them one of our most versatile products. Why not improve the safety of your traffic calming equipment with our speed bump signs?

Road safety equipment suppliers

We also supply a range of road safety solutions to improve safety on the road and at construction sites. Our traffic control equipment and road safety supplies include barrier fences, traffic cones and trench covers for both pedestrian and car safety in a variety of applications. Supplied in high visibility orange with reflective stickers, our barrier fences and traffic cones are ideal for use on the road but can also be used as traffic or crowd management solutions in other areas including temporary car parks, festivals and events.

Car park safety equipment

Our range of parking safety products includes wheel stops and column protectors to improve safety in car park areas. Designed to aid safe car parking and minimise damage caused by potential collisions, our parking safety equipment is made from high impact resistant materials and designed to be both durable and long lasting. From small cars to large vehicles and industrial applications, you’ll also find our wheel chocks are ideal parking safety solutions for a variety of needs.

Traffic control

Flow Plates offer the perfect solution to providing one way traffic control. The highly visible road plates can be used alongside speed bumps to encourage traffic flow in one direction.