Electric Wheelchair and Scooter Ramps

Our range of ramps for mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs assist users to easily load and unload their mobility scooter into their cars and vehicles.

  1. Scooter car ramps

    Scooter Ramps with Black Grip Surface

    From £228.00 £190.00
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  2. Loading a scooter using premium multifold ramp

    Premium Multi-Fold Wheelchair Ramp for Cars 6ft - 9ft

    From £774.00 £645.00
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  3. Multifold ramp resting on vehicle

    Multi-Fold Wheelchair Ramp for Cars 4ft - 10ft

    From £144.00 £120.00
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  4. Manual wheelchair during loading

    FEAL AnyRamp Wheelchair Ramp 1000mm - 2800mm

    From £900.00 £750.00
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  5. Pair of folding wheelchair channel ramps featuring the new low-profile edges

    Low Profile Folding Mobility Scooter Ramps 1100mm - 2000mm

    From £294.00 £245.00
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The Ramp People offer a range of scooter ramps which are designed to help you easily load your mobility scooter or electric wheelchair into the boot of your car. For wheelchair van ramps please view our other range here.

The Ramp People's Scooter Ramps with Black Grip surface are designed for loading unoccupied mobility scooters/wheelchairs into the boot of vehicles with heights up to 660mm and are available as a pair or kit. Made from lightweight aluminium, this portable mobility car boot ramp easily folds down in size for easy set up, transport and storage.  These mobility scooter car ramps have been robot welded to ensure a strong and durable finish, making it ideal for regular use and capable of loading mobility vehicles up to 300kg.

We also have various wider, single ramps which are available 2.8m/9ft long meaning they can be used to load unoccupied mobility scooters with heights up to 840mm.

Loading an occupied wheelchair/scooter? Please view our wheelchair ramp calculator to help determine the length you need and view the rest of our wheelchair ramp range here.

Guide for Mobility Scooter Ramps and Electric Wheelchair Ramps

For disabled people and people with mobility problems, it might be inevitable at some point to make use of a wheelchair or a disability scooter. But buying a mobility scooter can dramatically expand your mobility and freedom. Whether you are shopping, visiting friends and family, off on holidays or simply go to the doctors, it is a huge boost towards living an independent life.

One major issue which mobility scooter owners face is transporting their scooter.

These problems are the reason why The Ramp People have designed the mobility scooter ramps for cars.

Specifically manufactured for loading empty mobility scooters into the back of a vehicle our electric wheelchair and scooter ramps can help with every scooter up to 400kg in weight.

How to calculate if these scooter ramps with help with your mobility scooter?

Simply measure the vertical load height from the ground to the point where the ramps rest onto. It shouldn’t be higher than the maximum load height listed, otherwise the ramps will not sit correctly on the ground, and could be unsafe to use as the ramp will be too steep. Make sure that you check the maximum capacity of the product you are looking to purchase and ensure you electric wheelchair or mobility scooter is not heavier than this. If you need assistance selecting a suitable ramp, please contact our team for help.

We have also made a video for a better understanding on how these scooter ramps work. For more information, please view the individual product pages.