Trench Cover & Footbridge

Our quality range of trench covers and road plates has been designed to provide safe access as ground hole covers and other general excavation cover plates. Made from a lightweight yet durable glass reinforced material, these plastic trench covers and road plates are a great lightweight alternative steel as they provide the same strength and durability but are easier to use and have no scrap value so are much less likely to be stolen from works sites. You can now extend your trench cover with our additional interconnecting road plates for a more versatile solution. read more

Highly versatile trench plates

Perfect for covering apertures, bored or trenches during maintenance, construction and repair, our trench covers are an extremely versatile solution for any type of excavation project and need. They can provide safe access to pedestrians and lightweight vehicles while also keeping work areas safe. Our additional road plate ends can be used with our original trench covers for a more versatile solution and are currently the only system in the UK that can be used to cover T junctions and Spurs.

Safe and easy to use

Lightweight construction makes our ground hole covers incredibly easy to use and can be manoeuvred by just two workmen with no need for heavy mechanical lifting. Recessed fixing holes makes them easy to bolt down and fit while an easy to clean surface means they can be simply wiped down when not in use. Despite being lightweight, our road plates have a high strength to weight ration with tough SMC glass-reinforced plastic that won’t warp or delaminate in adverse weather conditions. A non-trip leading edge and slip-resistant surface that exceeds HSE standards also ensure safety.

For pedestrian traffic across trenches and excavations, we also offer aluminium pedestrian ramps with handrails which allow pedestrians to safely cross the area. These offer a 400kg capacity and can be folded during transport.

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