Warehouse Protection

Discover a wide range of warehouse protection and warehouse safety equipment to help reduce accidents and damage in your workplace. Our range of column protectors, channel rack protectors, dock bumpers and more have been designed to help highlight racking and other hazards to reduce accidents while also providing high impact absorption to reduce damage if accidents do occur. This equipment is essential for improving warehouse health and safety and with our affordable prices, every warehouse setting can benefit from these high-quality safety products. read more

Improve warehouse health and safety

Our warehouse protection equipment is designed for all types of shelving, racking and columns with a range of sizes to suit any need. Using quality durable ballistic grade polymer, all our warehouse protection is engineered to absorb impact by flexing, returning to shape to work again. This significantly reduces damage during any collisions with forklifts or other vehicles protecting both your warehouse equipment and the vehicle itself. Bright yellow colouring means they are highly visible to help prevent accidents before they even happen, and they are easy to fit for quick and seamless set-up.