Car Ramps

At The Ramp People you’ll find a wide range of car ramps to suit any need. Whether you need a car lift ramp to make repairs and maintenance easier or low profile car ramps perfect for transporting and parking classic cars. We even offer versatile dual purpose car ramps that can provide access up kerbs and low rises as well as lifting the front wheels of cars for maintenance. All our metal car ramps are finished to the highest quality and are incredibly affordable offering the best value for money around.

Low profile car ramps

The TRP40 profile depth is 40mm and features a capacity of up to 2900kg with 4 different widths available: 215mm, 315mm, 415mm or 615mm. These loading ramps are ideally suited for use as low car ramps, lightweight vehicle ramps or motorcycle ramps. In particular these ramps are very useful as car ramps for customers having difficulty getting their low slung vehicle up their driveway

The TRP40 Series is perfect for vehicles with load ground clearance, such as sports cars. These ramps are suitable for low load heights- no more than 600mm. If you require a ramp for use at a higher load height or with a higher capacity please see our TRP70 and TRP80 Series.  

Not suitable for solid wheels found on road surfacing machines - for this type of machinery please see the industrial ramps for steel tracks.